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Travelers posting on the forum have contributed the following tips:


Bars part 4

Hangzhou | MOREHANGZHOU | 2007-04-13 04:55:18 GMT-5


Tornado Bar 龙卷风酒吧

24 Jiufanshu Rd. Wushan Square 吴山广场旧藩署路24, 7pm – 2am, 87019192

Three times a lady. First you get the dice. Second the beers. Third the skewers. A die is a die, and a beer is a beer, but the lamb skewers outside are stellar. The flies even have a hard time bothering anyone because they get stuck to the tables. It’s full of laughter and full of fun, and all for next to nothing. Read: cheap.


West Town 西部小镇

3 Lvyang Rd. 绿杨路3(103 Nanshan Rd.南山路103), 7pm - 3am, 87917615

Upon entering the door, you'll probably expect to see a few horses and chickens. Reminiscent of your Uncle Joe Bob's barn, this place attracts the younger crowd with more modern music than its neighbors. But be prepared to drink because they don't sell cheap singles on beer.


You To Bar You To酒吧

85 Shuguang Rd.曙光路85, 6pm - 6am, 87976788

Packed! Laoyan started as a bartender back when there were maybe three bars in town, so needless to say he has quite a following. Wherever he is, it is packed. Early evenings are filled with football fans, and late evenings the football fans are full. Bottles of Absolute are cheap, and there is never a need to gamble on the place having people. Live music on the weekends.


Bars part 3

Hangzhou | MOREHANGZHOU | 2007-04-13 04:54:01 GMT-5


Night & Day 德纳咖啡酒吧

240 Nanshan Rd.南山路240, 10am - 2am, 87770275

Ella Fitzgerald is in the house. At least her picture is and a bunch of music from that era. The owners here love listening to jazz, dancing to Latino and have a good, loyal group of customers giving the three-story bar/cafe a familiar air. They also have the biggest humidor in Zhejiang province stocked straight out of Cuba. Live music. Food available.


Paradise Bar/Restaurant 天上人间

36 Hubin Rd. 湖滨路36(华侨饭店南侧), 11am - 2am, 87062888, 87685555-6688/6687.

Madame Zhao is spinning her web again and starting some parties. She, if anyone, should know how it’s done. There were probably more beers sold here in 1999 than in Nauru. They also do a mean burger that many claim is the town’s best.


Reggae Bar 黑根酒吧

95 Shuguang Rd.曙光路95, 4pm - 3am, 87961587

You often hear people complain about service not being personal enough and about places lacking loyal clientele. They aren't talking about Reggae Bar. It's not high-class, not Remy Martin-y, but sometimes that’s not what you want. We've heard people from 20-50 years old claim it’s their favorite place. Food and cool tunes available.


Bars part 2

Hangzhou | MOREHANGZHOU | 2007-04-13 04:50:34 GMT-5


Joy's Pub 爵色酒吧

West Lake International Trade Center, 58 Changsheng Rd. 长生路58号西湖国贸中心, 6pm - 2am, 87879777

Joy's is a busy, noisy boisterous bar that'll remind you why you're still in Hangzhou. Many of the revelers are regulars, and that is not surprising as the music, directed by the famous A Yong, covers a broad range coming from Europe, US and parts of China. Beers are not so cheap, but bottles of liquor are a steal. Go any day of the week to experience a busy bar party.


JZ Club 黄楼

6 Liuying Road (Nanshan Road) 柳营路6(靠南山路), 6:30pm – 2:30am, 87028298

Zhang Zheng and his gang have really made this old house comfortable. The sound system is clear, you can talk to your tablemates, the drink variety is wide, it's very warm, and the menu has cheap stuff for those of us without the deepest pockets. Did we mention the live jazz? Italian food is available.


Maya Bar 玛雅酒吧

94 Baishaquan 白沙泉94, (79 Shuguang Rd. 曙光路79), noon – 2am, 87997628

When you want a place where the laughter is louder than the music, Maya's your spot. There, you get a range of the young and the old, the rich and the poor. Though not exactly new, it’s tidy enough so that you don't have to worry about getting your white pants dirty. Who wears white pants anyway? Strong drinks keep a loyal group of regulars, but it's still inclusive to the lone newcomer.  This is a great place to start off an evening. Food is available.


More bars in Hangzhou

Hangzhou | MOREHANGZHOU | 2007-04-13 04:48:35 GMT-5


This should keep anyone even busier for a while.


7 Club

43 Shuguang Rd.曙光路43,5pm - 2am, 85115795

If you’re looking for a place to just chill, this is it. There are good tunes on the iPod, and they serve up some nice snacks. Try the shrimp on the barby – delish! And if those aren’t reasons enough to drag your ass down there, you’ve got the tall glasses of ice cold Franziskaner Weiss beer. Definitely one of the coolest places in town.


Common's Place 凡人咖啡馆

1 Wanshouting Street (Opposite the Radisson Hotel), 万寿亭街1(雷迪森酒店对面), 11am - 2am, 85062166

In this little place just near the Radisson, it always feels like it's crowded. And if you are there alone, there is no need to worry because the bartenders always help out and make nice introductions. The Tijuana/Forbidden City design is not ordinary but comfortable.


Yantai western bar

Yantai | LURVEBUGXXX | 2007-04-03 19:19:48 GMT-5


I didn't get to see all that many nightclubs and bars in my time in Yantai, but my favorite was a pool hall/bar called AliBaba in Xiang Yang Jie (nan tou). A Westerner and his Chinese wife run the place, and I must say, almost every westerner I met in Yantai was a fan! It has a large pool hall with around 20 pool tables for those who want a quiet chilled out game, and in another room a bar with dance floor for a more up beat social scene. There are many regulars as well as those only in Yantai for a short time so you are never short of a friendly (slightly drunken) conversation!


Bars in Wuhan

Wuhan | ALICEGAO | 2006-09-28 04:51:05 GMT-5


Bars make the nightlife become more colorful and relaxing.

If you're in Wuhan, you'd better to try the bar named "Soho" which has a very up-to-date music and hot dancing.

While, if you prefer the crazy music played by band, go to "VOX" in where you can watch the live bands show, although they're not so famous, their music is still pretty good. By the way, the drinks in “VOX” are also cheaper than many other bars in Wuhan.

Must Visit English Bar and Restaurant

Lijiang | RMOKRISKI | 2006-07-21 06:58:35 GMT-5


Frosty Morning is a must visit for a quick check back in with the West. The proprietors of this English pub could not be any friendlier. The Bar features western DVDs (The Sopranos is Philip's favorite), a great pool table (don't play with Hsiaoping, she is a pool shark), and, quite simply, the cleanest bathroom I ever encountered in China. The Satellite sports cap off a wonderful night.


The Celtic Man Irish Pub Chongqing China

Chongqing | CELTIC | 2006-06-01 11:03:10 GMT-5


The Celtic man Irish Pubis located in De Yi World Square downstairsNo7-2, B1, it is the first bar next to the skytrain station across from the Marriott Hotel. There are live bands, pool table, darts and the place has a variety of music with the exception of loud disco music. Cheap beers and drink specials. The Celtic man at the moment is pretty much the only foreign hangout bar in Chongqing. A nice place to hangout and meet other Foreigners, a home away from home.



Chongqing | YINMEI | 2006-05-26 09:41:34 GMT-5


A@ACLUB, located on the second floor of Di Yi world in Jiaozhangkou Jiefangbei, five minutes away from the liberation monument, nice atmosphere, good music and pretty dancer.


Nightlife in Shanghai, Beijing, Hongkong

Shanghai | MIDNIGHTRAINBOW | 2006-03-29 22:37:20 GMT-5


Hi, all, I found some interesting bars through the website below. Like Malone's, Bigbamboo, O'Malley's; don't forget The Oscar's, one of the best bars in Shanghai, it really creates a homey feeling. Hope you can find your own best one.

BTW, the address of the Oscar may not be on that website, I have it here:

1377 Fuxing Road, near Baoqing Road. If you go there, you will probably rush into me. :)


Hou Hai Bar Street.

Beijing | CALIFORNIA | 2006-02-28 09:36:19 GMT-5


Hou Hai is a good place for chatting and drinking with friends, there are many kinds of bars along the lakeside. This s a good place for nightlife.


Bars and clubs

Shijiazhuang | HELENDANGER | 2006-02-06 14:12:11 GMT-5


Despite the lack of western tourists in Shijiazhuang, there are a number of foreigners living and working there. If you know the right places to look, you might even see a few of them. A bar we called "McDonald's Bar" was usually full of foreigners. I'm not sure of its actual name, but it's in a building right by the McDonalds on ZhongShanLu. Other options include Bar 5, which is inside of the gate of a big workout center, near the pool building and Joyfun, which is in the middle of a park near the Pizza Hut on ZhongShanLu.


For a more Chinese crowd, there's Casino Club and Disco City, both of which are dance clubs with bouncing dance floors.


Where to party in Kunming area

Kunming | TREY | 2006-01-06 04:14:26 GMT-5


When partying in Kunming, go to the hump area. For a mellow but cool cultural experience go north to Dali for a couple of days and go to the Bird Bar or pop south for a day and go to Cafe Fin Du Monde in Yuxi. You will not only people watch at these places but also meet and chat with the people you are watching.


Free Soul perfect place for hangout in Shanghai

Shanghai | BEERDRINKER | 2006-01-04 08:17:13 GMT-5


As you walk into some dingy local bar with rather dubious looking girls lurking in the shadows, you may feel that you're selling your soul to the devil. But a bar nestled on the more respectable (Yanan Xi Lu) end of Fahuazhen Lu aims to change all this by freeing your soul with good company and a homey atmosphere. The affable manageress Sky says she wants to create a bar that's essentially a home away from home. And in many ways it is. Customers often take over the music system, choosing from the eclectic selection of CDs, while the amicable, English-speaking staff, converse with customers like friends.


Despite being open only a few weeks, this two-storey establishment has already attracted a growing band of regulars. The bright, airy downstairs bar area, despite having somewhat uncomfortable park-bench seating, ropes clients in with foosball tables. While upstairs, the bar is fitted out with comfortable sofas and opium-style couches surrounding a pool table. The reasonably priced drinks keep people coming back.


When In Xiamen

-General- | SASSYGAL | 2005-12-14 03:46:57 GMT-5


If you are a music lover of some sort try to Venezia for a nightcap or go to TT for a fun dance. Or go to a movie in the World Trade Center. Or better yet try being romantic in one of the nice parks at BaiLuZhou. See the burst of musical foundations swaying to the rhythm of the sound system.


Something different... try Lao She Tea House

Beijing | LEMONCACTUS | 2005-12-11 04:10:34 GMT-5


Join the likes of George Bush (!) and take time out to do something a little different in Beijing. This Tea House is fabulous, located at 3 Qianmen Avenue: here’s their website giving details of prices, performances etc.


You can choose how close to the stage you sit and throughout the show your table is filled with traditional Chinese snacks. A rather talented tea-pouring waiter is constantly on hand to make sure your cup is never empty (from a great height!).


The evening show, which I went to, is a mix of music, opera, magic, stand-up and dance: it was a really brilliant experience. They even have a screen up with introductions in English to the different performances. We paid 100RMB and got a table that was 3 rows from the front, it had excellent views and the theatre was very small and atmospheric. It's a great experience, so do something different, visit this teahouse. Enjoy!


Foreigners in Nanchang

Jiangxi | NIKKISTAAB | 2005-11-13 04:10:16 GMT-5


If you are a foreigner visiting Nanchang or perhaps have recently moved to Nanchang, you may want to drop by the Mayflower on a weekend night. The Mayflower is probably the most popular place for foreigners in Nanchang to meet up for an evening of drinks and socializing. If you tell the driver to take you to "Minde Lu" (pronounced Min-day Loo) they will most likely take you right to the Mayflower.



Dalian | KRISU1306 | 2005-10-07 01:31:56 GMT-5


When you go to Dalian, going to the JD’s is a must.

It seems to be the only disco where foreign travelers and students go to - mainly Pakis, Germans, Italian and Russian.

Beer costs 10 Y (~1 Euro), no entrance fee - problem is that the same music is played every day.


JDs is located right next to the football stadium of Dalian Shide at the Olympic Square. Enjoy it! (Almost similar club is "Sparcs" - close to JDs but difficult to explain where exactly it is - just ask the taxi driver)


Squares in Xi'an

Xi'an | CONNY129 | 2005-8-15 11:33:39 GMT-5


In the hot summer, many citizens and foreigners choose to go to a square as entertainment site at night. Some big squares are always crowded and busy, such as Big Goose Pagoda Square, South Gate Square, Bell Tower Square etc. There is fountain show in the Square of Big Goose Pagoda every night, many folk performances along the South Gate and commercial shows on the weekends at the Bell Tower Square. I saw a lot of foreigners enjoying themselves at the Bell Tower Square, they were drinking beer, chatting and eating ice-cream.


Great Restaurant & Pub

Chongqing | CQPRC | 2005-6-2 16:15:49 GMT-5


My first of many trips to Chongqing was made all the better when I learned about a great place called Dee Dee's Bar in Nanping. It's very close to the Holiday Inn, but away from the majority of other bars - this may be a plus or a minus depending on your inclinations, but if you are new to town it's a "must go". The food and drink is reasonably priced and excellent - western or local dishes. The help however is priceless. Where to go, where to stay, do's and don'ts - all given freely and in a friendly fashion. Dee Dee is extremely helpful and friendly, as are the local expats.


Details of the bar can be found at


Hanghzou Nightlife

Hangzhou | PRVNK | 2005-2-19 23:44:27 GMT-5


Ahh this is the place!! Nanshan Lu in Hangzhou is the place!

1. Night And Day, Latin Music, li'l expensive drinks!

2. Channel 9, huge crowd.

3. Irish pub - drinks are good, no music.

4. Kana's pub.

5. There are many more on the same road. Keep walking and you find many.


Pyramid in Jinan

Shandong | PRVNK | 2005-2-4 1:34:57 GMT-5


If you go to Jinan, check out the pub: Pyramid on "Wen Hua Dong Lu". Not a very big place but lovely music and the crowd gets wild Friday nights. Good food too!


Night life on the streets

Tianjin | INTIANJIN | 2004-7-13 15:36:36 GMT-5


When darkness falls the city's streets become lively. You'll find people out everywhere buying/selling goods and eating at the street side restaurants. People take advantage of the cooler nights to go for walks and shop. Girls don't like the sun as it makes their skin darker and dark skin = poor/ugly so you'll see them out en masse at night. After 12:00 you'll only see the street side restaurants open selling their meat skewers but they will have lots of people around eating them.


Karaoke (KTV)

Tianjin | INTIANJIN | 2004-6-30 19:56:09 GMT-5


Karaoke is extremely high priced at the bars. 380RMB at one bar we saw. We paid only 98RMB for 6 hours (0:00 - 06:00) at one KTV shop and 83RMB for over an hour at another. Normally its 60RMB/hour before midnight and after midnight they give a good deal. You get your own room with a nice setup. Of course every 20 minutes someone will peek thru your glass window's door to check on you. You can order drinks or food and smoke in your room to your heart's delight. I'd suggest KTV over the bars for a good night out. There are two types of KTV. The first type uses music with the ability to turn vocals on or off (this is best if you sing English songs). The second type just has MIDI style music, no vocal option and the beat, rhythm, and pitch are off key so trying to sing to a song sucks. If you go to the second type of KTV then I'd suggest singing along to Nirvana cause no one will notice the difference.


Bar district

Tianjin | INTIANJIN | 2004-6-29 7:17:42 GMT-5


The bar district houses many bars all beside one another. Men stand outside each bar harassing you to enter. It costs much more for alcohol at the bars than other places (Corona for 25RMB opposed to normal 14RMB price). One bar had dancing girls in it. When we sat down to watch after ordering drinks a young man came up and stated we had to order more drinks. Quite disrespectful. Considering the bartender was happy with us having just order 1 drink apiece we figured he was trying to scam us so we left our drinks and walked out. Wet t-shirt contests can be found in some places. Other than that the entertainment is clothed.


Go out and try some local food

Lanzhou | TARZAN | 2004-5-8 6:37:02 GMT-5


We stayed in Lanzhou twice; the first time before we went to Xiahe (Labrang monastry) and the second time when we came back. The first evening we arrived late and went out for a walk and met some Chinese people who were roasting all kinds of things on small barbeques. Try some of this local food. But do not try too much of the red powder because it is very hot!! The meat tastes very good.


The second time we went out for a meal. But in Lanzhou in the restaurants they do not understand any English. So I walked into the kitchen and they showed me all kind of things and made us a very special meal. They cooked fresh noodles and meat in the wok.


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