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The following tips are contributed by travelers posting on the forum.


Manchurian restaurant

Hong Kong | FAERIEQUEENE | 2007-07-26 03:25:27 GMT-5


There are many ‘hidden’ restaurants in Hong Kong, small, with good ambience and authentic cuisine and great food. Here you can get a taste of Northeastern Chinese cuisine, the “Bistro Manchu”, located at Elgin Street, up Central Escalators.


Ask for scented osthmanthus Wulong tea to taste along with the vast choices of Manchurian cold appetizers, dumplings, specialty courses and desserts.


Internet cafés

Hong Kong | FAERIEQUEENE | 2007-07-26 03:30:27 GMT-5


Internet cafés are everywhere in Hong Kong but some offer the added value of a nice view, even a magnificent vista in addition to a cup of coffee, in addition to internet access...


- Pacific Coffee at Peak tram Tower, the Peak, overlooking the sky, Victoria Harbor and peak tramway.


-V Mix (fresh juices and smoothies for a change, no caffeine) at Hollywood Road, overlooking the heritage building of old Central Police Station and Soho area


-3 Pacific Coffee shops in Wanchai, on the terrace of Great Eagle Building, terrace (Saniltun) of the China Resources Building, corner of Jaffe Road and Jackson Road opposite to Novotel Century Hotel (these locations are in the China Embassy area, while you are killing time to collect your visa....)


The Starbucks seem to be in a poor location and they do not often have Internet service.


Eating open at the Peak

Hong Kong | FAERIEQUEENE | 2007-07-15 21:24:46 GMT-5


To eat under the sun is a getaway from the air-conditioned restaurants in town. The terrace of the Peak Cafe, opposite the Peak Tram Tower, is worth a try. They serve a variety of Asian cuisine and barbecue at night.


Seafoods in Dalian

Dalian | FLOWER1985 | 2007-07-12 11:30:36 GMT-5


I have lived in Dalian for two years by now. It is different from other cities in China. People here are very nice and humorous, so they will make you laugh. The seafood in Dalian is very cheap and very fresh as well .It is interesting to swim in the sea with all the fishes in the summer time.


Indian Restaurant

Xi’an | KAILASH | 2007-04-27 12:56:47 GMT-5


The Indian restaurant Delhi Durbar is located very near to the Big Goose pagoda. They are reachable through this phone number Tel - 029-85255157.The restaurant looks really good and clean.

I had dinner there it cost me around 48 RMB. Dinner consisted of

1) Coke/Beer

2) Starter (Pakoda with Sweet and Spicy Chutney)

3) 3 Plain Nan.

4) Bowl of rice

5) Bowl of Curd

6) Plain Dhal

7) Palak Green Peas Masala.

8) Aloo Green Peas Masala.

A variety of Vegetarian/Non Vegetarian food options are available in this restaurant.

The service was good.


Beautiful Beijing

Beijing | JULINE | 2007-04-13 02:47:47 GMT-5


I have just returned from a very brief holiday in Beijing. I fell in love with the city. One day involved visiting the Great Wall at Simatai and the next day we visited Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. Two days was just not enough; I will be returning for at least a two-week vacation to experience more. We had dinner at 'Da Dong' restaurant and it was FANTASTIC! Peking duck, salmon sashimi and assorted dishes for four people came to AUD$100 (including drinks). The service was exemplary and the food was divine. There is a minimum waiting time of 30 minutes because the restaurant does not take bookings. However, believe me; it is well worth the wait. I do not speak Chinese at all; however, the staff could not have been more accommodating. Do yourself a favor and savor the delights that Da Dong has to offer. The menu (beautifully presented) is in English as well! Cannot wait to get back there. Also, shopping at the Silk Market (5 levels of fun) was incredible and the shop owners were delightful. I bought some fantastic clothes and bags there at great prices.


Sichuan Food Rocks!

Chengdu | CSHANSELLO | 2007-04-12 21:58:55 GMT-5


Near Tibet Street and Wuhou temple, there are some great places to eat. You may not think so, since it is such a tourist area, but the food there is very good.


At the end of Tibet Street where it meets Wuhou Temple Street, there is a great Dan Dan Noodle place. You will know it is the right one by the crowds of people eating noodles. Dan Dan noodles (dan dan mian) are a Sichuan specialty, and they are spicy. You must try them when you are in Chengdu.


Further down Tibet Street is a Tibetan restaurant that is painted bright yellow with a painting of a yak on the front. The food here is great and cheap and they have an English menu. I recommend the yak meat bread.


The hot pot restaurants on Wuhou Temple are very good. There is one across the street from the temple that is very cheap (closer to Tibet Street. There are two, and I like the one that doesn't have a take out window). We got two plates of meat, a plate of fish, and around six plates of vegetables and it only cost 56 yuan. I recommend the sweet potato noodles. They also have an English Menu.


Finally, the tourist street near the Wuhou temple is very cheesy, but there is a snack street that that is very good. I especially liked the 7 rolls. Don't be shy about trying Sichuan’s local foods. Most Chinese people agree that it's the best in China.


The Texas Cafe in Urumqi

Urumqi | TEXASONTHESILKROAD | 2007-04-02 12:33:09 GMT-5


There is a great little Tex-Mex restaurant owned by ex-pats in Urumqi called The Texas Cafe. It’s on a bustling back alley with a grapevine covered pavilion and awesome food.

It is across Renmin Road, down from the Computer Market. Call them at (991) 281-0025. It’s right between ErDaoQiao and the People's Square.


Western foods in Guangzhou

Guangzhou | JOSE | 2007-04-01 21:24:53 GMT-5


Apr. 2006. In general, it is easy to find western food in Guangzhou, since it is a very international city. I found a Brazilian rodizio, but as a surprise they charged in the bill for everything used on the table – such as the napkins and toothpicks. At the Guangzhou fair I saw the most crowded McDonalds ever, maybe 100 customers per counter and some 100 counters in total.


Indian/Asian Restaurants

Xi’an | AIRAN | 2007-03-23 09:45:05 GMT-5


People looking for excellent Indian/Paki south Asian food can visit a newly opened restaurant called Delhi Durbar. It’s very near the Big Wild Goose Pagoda (Dayan Ta) and the food is good. Rates are a bit higher compared to other cuisines eating places in Xi’an.

An average meal will cost 80-100 yuan, including drinks.

It is worth visiting…especially when you are looking for authentic food.


Eating with the snow mountain

Lijiang | ANNABELL | 2007-02-27 22:47:47 GMT-5


Eating is always a problem when traveling in a foreign country. When I was in Lijiang I felt disappointment as well as nicely surprised. I've been to that area four times. Last month, a new restaurant opened. Nice food and view. You can actually see the Jade dragon snow mountain while enjoying your food. Nice! And the food is Yummy -Sichuan and Cantonese style, if you are a big fan of Chinese food, you'd love it. That place is on Qiyi Street, called 'Quan Zhen Wei' 0888-8886565


Watch the food menu for Prices!!

Hainan | MARTINHSK | 2007-01-09 09:20:41 GMT-5


We were in a group of 4 traveling with a local guide in Hainan, near a place called Bo Ao - checking out a small local food cafe by the river. An ordinary & backdated house with slightly poor hygiene. When we ordered a simple seafood meal for 4 persons including prawns, crabs (no lobster) plus some local veggies, failing to "negotiate" & pay off early before a meal, the bill came up to RMB 1,767 (equivalent to SGD353). That is more than a seafo od meal at a low-end 5-star hotel in Singapore. It was a total rip off...


Red Star Cafe

Yangshuo | AISA | 2006-11-18 11:15:00 GMT-5


This cafe is almost like another cafe on the crowded Western Street in Yangshuo. The food is quite tasty and more delicious than in the other cafes of Yangshuo That’s my opinion but feel free to try the others; after all I did not get to taste every cafe in Yangshuo. The service is fine. The price is acceptable. This cafe you can bet your money on.


Foreign Food

Kunming | KYLE | 2006-04-14 05:34:22 GMT-5


As most Guesthouses in Kunming are in the center of the city some tourists might miss the popular Foreigner Street. More widely known as Wen ling jie. It offers food from all over the world: Mexican, Italian, Thai, French, Japanese, oh right, and Chinese dishes can be prepared at reasonable prices all on the same street.


Wu Han Ji Qing Street.

Wuhan | CALIFORNIA | 2006-03-01 09:07:53 GMT-5


Maybe most Chinese cities have a food street, in Wuhan, the street is called Ji Qing Jie!

You can taste many kinds of Wuhan local food here, including Re Gan Mian, Duck neck, Guan Tang Bao. Duck Neck is my favorite, it is very hot! When you are eating, you can also listen to someone singing.


Bai Ji Mo -- White Cake with meat!

Kaifeng | CALIFORNIA | 2006-03-01 09:01:01 GMT-5


In Kaifeng, there was a dish called Bai Ji Mo, about 1 RMB, very delicious! You can find it everywhere in the city!


Wan San Ti (Pig's unguis)

Suzhou | CALIFORNIA | 2006-02-28 09:28:51 GMT-5


There are many water towns around Shanghai, in Jiangsu and Zhejiang province! And the most famous one is Zhouzhuang. There is a very famous food called Wan San Ti, very delicious. You can find it everywhere around Zhouzhuang.


Xi'an Local Food!

Xi'an | CALIFORNIA | 2006-02-28 09:23:50 GMT-5


There were many kinds of Xi'an local delicacies. You can dine at the food street in the back of the drum tower. Some famous foods: Jia San Guang Tang Bao, Yang Rou Po Mou, Shi Zi Bing and Jiao Zi Yan and Guo Kui in Qian Tomb.


Luoyang Shui Xi:-)

Luoyang | CALIFORNIA | 2006-02-28 09:12:13 GMT-5


Luoyang is famous for the Longmen Cave, and the city served as a capital for a long time. The local dish is called Shui Xi (Spoon feast). One Shui Xi includes four kinds of dishes at least, and most of the dishes have spoons. They will serve you these dishes one by one. I can't wait.


Kai Feng Di Yi Lou:-)

Kaifeng | CALIFORNIA | 2006-02-28 09:07:33 GMT-5


Kaifeng is an old city in China, and it was long ago the six dynasties' capital. The city’s local dish is Guan Tang Bao, and the best place for taste it is Kaifeng Di Yi Lou - near the drum tower food street. You can also taste many kinds of local foods in the street; they’re nice.


Harbin Sun Island Post Ice Restaurant

Harbin | PEA28COCK | 2006-02-27 02:20:00 GMT-5


Harbin Sun Island Post Ice Restaurant (Harbin Taiyang Dao Post Ice Restaurant) opened to the public on 26 December 2005. It is the biggest of its kind throughout China. The entire European-style building is purely built of ice. In addition all its tables, tableware, chairs are made of ice. Amazing, have a try!


Beijing Local Food -- Old Beijing Zha Jiang Mian.

Beijing | CALIFORNIA | 2006-02-26 08:36:44 GMT-5


You know, noodles are an important food for the Chinese. There are many kinds of noodles in China, especially in the north. If you visit Beijing, Zha Jiang Mian is the most famous; you can go to a restaurant in the opposite of Hong Qiao (Pearl) Market. Also there is a place near the Heavenly Temple.

They taste good.


Beijing Local Food

Beijing | CALIFORNIA | 2006-02-26 08:24:44 GMT-5


It is a bit difficult to find a Beijing Local Food Restaurant but I know one near the Grand View Grand, at You An Men Nei Da Jie, it is called Zuo Lin You She Da Lian Huo Shao. A good place to taste the food of old Beijing.


Eating In Beijing

Beijing | FLANKER | 2006-02-07 06:46:10 GMT-5


Generally, dining in Beijing is not so expensive. Beijing has a lot of restaurants that meet consumers' different needs. Roast duck is strongly recommended. The most famous roast duck restaurant is Quanjude, they have many branches all over Beijing. Plus you can always order roast duck in most medium-sized restaurants in Beijing. The cost is around $4-20 per duck; it varies. One order can serve 2-4 people; of course you should order other food.



Xi'an | CONNY129 | 2006-01-23 00:49:55 GMT-5


Cacaja ,a newly opened Indian cuisine restaurant ,is located in the 46# Yan Ta Xi Road, southwest to the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. It is not very large, but decorated delicately. If you are a curry lover, you should have a try. The menu is written both in Chinese and English, but I doubt whether the waitress can speak English :)


U.B.C Coffee

Xi'an | RITA | 2006-01-04 01:16:20 GMT-5


Located at the North section of Hanguang Rd. Head Cafe in Xian.

Good place for a drink.


Quality Yang Rou Pao Mo

Xi'an | RITA | 2006-01-04 01:11:41 GMT-5


Located close to where Zhuque Street and South Ring Rd. meet, there is a "Lao Lan Jia Muslim" restaurant, they serve quality Yang Rou Pao Mo - the famous local food. I found it one day by chance while skipping the delicious lunch served at my company.

CNY9 for a standard plate and CNY11 for quality one, I tried the 11 yuan, it was really nice.

They also serve good "Hulatang" in the morning.


Good curry restaurant in Beijing...

Beijing | LEMONCACTUS | 2005-12-17 23:00:30 GMT-5


OK, so I haven't tried any other Indian restaurants in BJ and I hadn't eaten curry for 6 months...The Golden Elephant in Beijing has a relaxed atmosphere and serves up pretty darned delicious Indian and Thai food. The waiters are friendly. Expect to spend about 150-200RMB for 2 including beer. It's in the ex-pat part of town on Sanlitun Street (a bit of a dodgy looking side-street) but worth the wander. I would definitely recommend it.


Indian Hotels in Guangzhou

Guangzhou | GIREESHAKS | 2005-11-15 06:40:29 GMT-5


Hello, Following are the List of Restaurants/Hotels Address in Guangzhou City. For more information, Please Visit my MSN Space - http://spaces


Indian Restaurants/Hotels in China








Email :



(Restaurant & Bar)

No.2, Aiguo Lu, Overseas Chinese Village

(Opposite Holiday Inn Hotel Lobby),

TEL : 86-20-83594533


Spice Island

Add: 807, Jiefang Bei Lu

Ph: 86-20-8364 3336


Maharaja Indian Kabab Corner

Add: Shop No. S-217,

Shopping Arcade, 2/F,

China Hotel, Liu Hua Lu,

Ph: 86-20-8666 6888 (Ext: 2217)


Jewel of India

Add: 30, Tiyu Xi Lu,

Tianhe District

Ph: 86-20-8551 3882


Natural Door Indian Chef

Add: 21, Yu Shan Lu, Beijing Lu,

Ph: 86-20-8319 7141


Belly dancers, snakes and wild music!

Beijing | CHINACHICK | 2005-5-29 20:07:46 GMT-5


I first found out about this place about 6 years ago when it was a much smaller place. I went there again a month ago and found that although the square footage of the restaurant was the same, they have now packed in many more tables.


Afunti is a cross between a beer hall and a kebab house. All the long tables are tightly packed together because once everyone has eaten, you're allowed to get up on them and dance! The highlight of the evening comes when a pretty, slim Uighur woman appears on stage in an exotic costume with a snake wrapped round her neck to perform a stunning Arabian Nights dance.


The crowd cheers her on and not long after the host invites people on stage to dance with her. There are various competitions in which you can act the fool, have fun and maybe win a hat to take home with, unfortunately...the girl doesn't come with it!


There are so many dishes to choose from and some of them can be quite expensive, so I suggest that you choose one of the set meals they offer. The cheapest starts at 100 yuan per person; it is wonderful food. Middle Eastern pasta with vegetables in tomato sauce, roast lamb on skewers seasoned perfectly, fruit platters, fish, pita bread, and anything you’re not too keen on from the set menu, can be swapped with an equivalent valued dish from the main menu.


There are also different types of beers, soft drinks, spirits and cocktails.


A place to avoid

Xishuangbanna | GAOTIAN917 | 2005-4-3 18:50:28 GMT-5


I spent 3 weeks in Jinghong and Xishuangbanna during the Spring Holidays.

The "Lonely Planet" still recommends the "Forest Cafe" and its so-called "hamburger". Well, don't even bother to go there. The staff is not friendly at all, the food horrible. I prefer the Hometown Cafe (which is next to the Forest). For foreign and Dai food, go to the MeiMei or the Mekong Cafe in Manting Lu. Explore the others streets, where there're plenty of cheap Chinese restaurants.


The highest Bar in Town!

Shanghai | ELCABRON | 2005-2-20 23:32:02 GMT-5


If you like to enjoy your drinks along with the best view over the city of Shanghai, try CLOUD 9 inside the JinMao Tower. The way up is a little bit confusing because compared to the view platform you have to change the lift at least twice. Sometimes you have to wait for a seat and prices are not the cheapest - but the view is worth it!


Try some delicious Beer Fish in Yangshuo!

Yangshuo | ELCABRON | 2005-2-20 22:52:35 GMT-5


Try some BEER FISH in Yangshuo; it is supposed to be the pride of this region. And yes it is delicious! But the Chinese who accompanied me went to the kitchen not only to choose the right fish but also stayed with the cook to make sure that the chosen fish was really on our plates. I guess they know how things run.

By the way be careful with the propane gas cookers on the tables. Suddenly the whole crowd got excited and ran out of the restaurant, but I did not understand what they were shouting. Anyway in these moments run with the herd! Later I found out that one propane gas hose ripped of, but they fixed it before something bad could happen and we went on with the delicious meal…


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