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The following tips were contributed by travelers on the forum at


Accommodation in Shijiazhuang

Shijiazhuang | APAULT | 2007-05-31 12:44:08 GMT-5


Shijiazhuang applies the 'no foreigners in cheap hotels' rule to some extent. However, if you go to the southern end of the station (arrivals exit) and then look out to your right, there is a pathway under the road. On the left are two cheap hotels; I stayed in the first for 80 RMB, for a room with shower/toilet. Small but better than many others I have been in. (60 RMB for a single without bathroom)


Where to stay in Chengdu

Chengdu | CSHANSELLO | 2007-04-12 21:46:14 GMT-5


Just wanted you to know that I really like staying in "Holly's Hostel" in Chengdu. I have been to Chengdu twice, and stayed there both times. A private room is 100-120 RMB. The people are helpful and friendly, the cafe is pretty good and cheep (I like the ginger tea), and the location is great (right by the Wuhou temple and Tibet street). I think it is my favorite place to stay in China.


The only things you should know if you stay there is that the showers aren't great and the Sichuan Opera show isn't worth the money. Near the Wuhou temple, there is a tea house where you can see a show for the price of a cup of tea (15 yuan for the cheapest tea).


If you stay there, there is an excellent Dan Dan noodle restaurant (just look for the crowd eating noodles!) and a great Tibetan restaurant (the outside is yellow with a yak painted on the side). The hot pot on the main street is also very good.


Inexpensive hotel in Kunming

Kunming | WINDENERGY | 2007-06-06 03:06:54 GMT-5


I got this tip from a fellow traveler on the bus ride to Lijiang. I prefer a private room with a bath instead of a dormitory usually. At the Camellia Hotel, I stayed 4 nights in a private room for 120 RMB/night. A cheaper alternative is the Yun Du Hotel (Chinese owned, 2 star) that is allowed to lodge foreign travelers. It is located near the long-distance bus station and train station on Beijing Lu. One-night rooms are available for only 80 RMB/night.


Mama Naxi's in Lijiang

Lijiang | WINDENERGY | 2007-04-05 06:50:47 GMT-5


Mama Naxi's guesthouse in Lijiang offers the traveler a very inexpensive bed, as well as serving both breakfast and dinner. A dormitory bed is only 15 RMB/night and dinner is just 10 RMB for all you can eat. I was also given assistance on places to see and where to buy a cheap return bus ticket to Kunming. You can call Mama Naxi if you are wandering lost in Lijiang at 8881012.


Lodging in Guangzhou for the Canton Fair

-General- | JOSE | 2007-04-01 21:21:14 GMT-5


For the Canton Fair the rates of the hotel climb up to 3 times the prices. However, always you can get room. Just arrive to the airport or train station and you will find many offers of hotel brokers, with reasonable prices. You can bargain there more easily.


However, remember: three-star in China is not the same that in US or Europe, and many times things don’t work as expected, so be patient.


I recommend also paying the hotel just one or two nights per time, since the rates will go down according to the fairs goers. This means, in the third day you may get half of the initial rate.


Staying on Lamma Island by Involvementstay

Hong Kong | TRAVELHK | 2007-01-25 03:38:02 GMT-5


We went to HK for 4 days and stayed in some special accommodation on Lama Island. It is near Central, and you need to take the ferry to go there, but it was fabulous and we could see the city view and country view on the way to the resort and Central.


Accommodation is cheap compared with hotels and the place is near the pier, safe, quiet and nice. It is a different feeling than staying at a hotel in downtown.


They also have the website here:



Shanghai | EEUREKA | 2007-01-05 22:05:12 GMT-5


While I was traveling around in China I found that the nicest, cheapest, funniest places to stay were the hostels. There are so many opportunities to meet many different kinds of people. The hostel that I used the most in China was called the International Youth Hostel. They are clean, their staff know English and are extremely helpful. And best of all, you can find them in most any city you are in. Just go to and you can get directions to hostels in the city you will be in, reserve rooms, and check prices. It’s great. I highly recommend them.


Budget Hotels

Nanning | APAULT | 2006-12-27 05:07:08 GMT-5


Near the South bus station there are numerous cheap hotels if you turn right from the bus station on Xingguang Lu and cross the river. There are not many hotels near the railway station, though there are some slightly higher standard ones there. From Beida bus station in the northwest, turn right for hotels under Y100. 


Ibis in Hong Kong

Hong Kong | DAISY | 2006-12-08 00:32:29 GMT-5


Ibis is located at the North Point of Hong Kong Island, and offers great service despite its small size.


Generally speaking, it's difficult to find a 3-star hotel offering free breakfast in Hong Kong, but Ibis is, and the breakfast is great as well.


Many people for a short business trip would choose Ibis, not only for its comprehensive and comfortable facilities and services, but the convenient transportation as well. It’s just five minutes for you to get to the nearest metro stop on foot.


Reasonable Hotel in Shanghai

Shanghai | LEMONCACTUS | 2006-10-27 21:56:14 GMT-5


I recently stayed at the Jinjiang Inn Shanghai by the Bund, Shanghai, China. It is really well located, only a 15-minute walk from the river and from the Yuyuan Garden area.


The staff is friendly, speak English, and can help with directions and information.


We paid 120RMB each for a twin room. It was large, clean, and very comfortable. Excellent suite. I wouldn't usually pay this much, but I recommend it if there are 2 of you.


Astor (or Pujiang Hotel)

Shanghai | BIRDIEJK | 2006-07-12 20:04:07 GMT-5


The location is very safe as the hotel is next door to the Russian Consulate (24-hour guard patrol facing hotel), 3-minute walk to the Bund, 5 minutes to roadside food stalls, and 15-minute stroll to Nanjing Lu shopping belt. Friendly hotel staff and reasonable rate.


Golden Kitool Hotel

Sanya | CALIFORNIA | 2006-03-01 09:17:06 GMT-5


Hainan is a nice place for relaxing, and Sanya is the best city in Hainan! Yalong Bay is the best beach in China, and the sand was white and soft. If you go there, Golden Kitool Hotel is a good choice, as it is a 4 star hotel within walking distance of the beach.


Tian Shi Hotel

Jilin | CALIFORNIA | 2006-02-28 09:32:05 GMT-5


If you go to Jilin to see the amazing scenery Tian Shi Hotel is a good choice; it is near Songhua River, about 2 minutes on foot! 120 RMB for a warm room!


Yan'an Cave House Hotel

Yan'an | CALIFORNIA | 2006-02-28 09:20:12 GMT-5


Yan'an is a revolutionary holy place in China. If you visit there, try to stay at the Cave House, a very traditional guesthouse in northern Shaanxi. It is in Yang Jiang Ling, about 238 RMB for a standard room.


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