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Powerful Ideological Guarantee and Opinion Support
Over the past 13 years, the Party's publicity and ideological work has undergone profound change and achieved remarkable progress. This achievement represents the consensus reached by the ideological and theoretical circle and also reflects the common aspirations of the people.

"Unity of ideology, solidarity of ranks, and prosperity of theory", said a theoretical worker excitedly who has long been working on the Party's publicity and ideological front when he talked about the current situation existing on this front. He said, "The formation of this situation has reflected, from one aspect, the tremendous achievements gained in the Party's publicity and ideological work since the Fourth Plenary Session of the 13th Party Central Committee."

Over the past 13 years, the Party's publicity and ideological work has undergone profound change and achieved remarkable progress, and has given full play to the role of ideological guarantee and opinion support in the great cause of building socialism with Chinese characteristics. This achievement represents the consensus reached by the ideological and theoretical circle and at the same time reflects the common aspirations of the vast number of cadres and the masses.

Arming the minds of the people with scientific theory

Holding high the great banner of Deng Xiaoping Theory and deeply publicizing and implementing the important thought of Comrade Jiang Zemin's "three represents" have constituted the main line of the Party's publicity and ideological work since the Fourth Plenum of the 13th Party Central Committee, particularly since the 14th Party National Congress.

In order to advance the study, research and publicity of Deng Xiaoping Theory and push forward the work of arming people's minds with theory, the publicity and ideological front, firmly seizing the opportunity of the publishing of "the Selected Works of Deng Xiaoping", devoted major efforts to publicizing the important significance of using Deng Xiaoping Theory to arm the minds of the whole Party, and educate the cadres and people, carefully compiled and published the "Outline on Studying Comrade Deng Xiaoping's Theory on Building Socialism with Chinese Characteristics", published in succession the "Outline on Studying Deng Xiaoping's Theory on Economics", the "Outline on Studying Deng Xiaoping's Theory on Army Building in the New Period", etc., successively set up a batch of bases for the study of Deng Xiaoping Theory, held one after another seminars on Deng Xiaoping Theory, adjusted and enriched plans for the research on philosophical and social sciences, and vigorously strengthened research on Deng Xiaoping Theory. An upsurge of studying Deng Xiaoping Theory with leading cadres taking the lead and participation by the masses in general has arisen in an in-depth and sustained way across the country, the guiding position of Deng Xiaoping Theory has been firmly established.

In February 2000, Comrade Jiang Zemin clearly put forward the important thought of the "three represents" during his inspection tour of south China's Guangdong Province. The "three represents" is the foundation of the Party, the base of administration and the source of strength, as well as a strong theoretical weapon for strengthening and improving Party building and promoting the self-improvement and development of China's socialist system.

The publicity and ideological front regards the study and publicity of the important thought of the "three represents" as the primary task, and devotes efforts to building up the ability of making full and clear explanations, thereby setting off a nationwide upsurge in studying, researching and implementing the important ideology of the "three represents".

Guiding people with correct opinion

Unswerving adherence to the Party's basic line for the primary stage of socialism is the most reliable guarantee for the victorious advance of our cause. Since the 14th Party National Congress, the publicity and ideological front has always firmly grasped the correct media guide, arranged work around the central task, served the general situation, loudly sung the main theme, and fought active battle, thus creating a favorable atmosphere for reform, development and stability.

The publicity and ideological front has correctly grasped the situation, enhanced the concept of the whole situation, persisted in properly publicizing the Party's political line, principles and policies, and firmly and unswervingly kept political agreement with the Party Central Committee.

The same front has always carried out work around the central task of economic construction, guided the masses' enthusiasm and creativeness to the work of deepening reform, expanding openness and promoting the development of the socialist market economy and to the various tasks for the realization of modernization. The front has made in-depth publicity of the CPC Central Committee's major principles and policies and important measures for economic construction in different periods, such as the principle concerning bringing about "two fundamental changes (of the economic system and the mode of economic growth) and strengthening macroeconomic regulation and control, actively expanding domestic demands, pursuing a pro-active fiscal policy, reducing financial burden on farmers, introducing the policy of returning farmlands to forests, implementing the strategy for development of the western region, expanding employment, etc., it has also given in-depth publicity to the Party Central Committee's policies on deepening rural reform, the reform of State-owned enterprises, and reforms in the aspects of finance, banking, taxation, foreign trade, housing and social security.

The front has persisted in calling up energy for unity and stability, based mainly on positive publicity, actively reflecting the reality of the rapid development of the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Eulogizing people's noble character as expressed in changing the world and creating new lives and the brilliant achievements they have gained. The front has carefully organized and publicized a large number of advanced figures and advanced collectives emerged in various trades and professions, and has thus effectively promoted the formation of a good social tendency to uphold and learn from the models and a favorable social environment for upholding the good and eliminating the bad, and promoting the good and punishing the evil. It has strengthened guidance to the hot spots of society, correctly carried out supervision by public opinion and devoted major efforts to enhancing people's solidarity.

Through all these efforts, the front has formed and developed an opinion environment in which people put in active efforts to make progress, it has pushed forward reform and opening up, maintained social stability and constantly consolidated and developed the common ideological foundation for the united struggle waged by the people of all ethnic groups nationwide for building socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Molding people with noble spirit

Cultivating citizens having high ideals, moral integrity, a good education and a strong sense of discipline is the fundamental objective of developing advanced culture and building a civilization with high cultural and ethical levels. For 13 years, the publicity and ideological front, centering closely around this objective, has vigorously strengthened ideological and moral education with patriotism, collectivism and socialism as the main content, conducted among the people, particularly among youngsters, extensively conducted education on arduous struggle and on building the country with diligence and thrift, it has persisted in combining legal construction with moral construction, and running the country according to law with ruling the country by law.

In August 1994, the CPC Central Committee printed and distributed the "Outline on the Implementation of Education in Patriotism, setting off an upsurge of patriotic education in the whole society. This front has designated and published a large batch of bases for patriotic education nationwide, spurred patriotic education to enter schools, teaching materials and classrooms, utilized various festivals and commemoration days to conduct vivid and lively patriotic education, the front has also carefully organized publicity on such joyous occasions as the 20th anniversary of the launch of reform and opening-up program, the return of Hong Kong and Macao to the motherland, the 50th anniversary of the founding of New China in 1949, the 80th anniversary of the founding of the CPC in 1921, and Beijing's success in its bid for hosting the Olympic Games in 2008 and it has successfully held large-scale exhibitions. All these activities have greatly coagulated the heart of the Party, inspired the people and aroused the self-respect, self-confidence and sense of pride of the Chinese nation.

In October 1996, the Sixth Plenary Session of the 14th Party Central Committee passed the Resolution on Some Major Issues Concerning the Building of a Socialist Civilization with High Cultural and Ethical Levels. The publicity and ideological front has conscientiously implemented the spirit of the "Resolution", thus setting off an upsurge in the mass activity of building a civilization with high cultural and ethical levels with the "stress on decorum and the establishment of new tendency" as the main content, and the creation of civilized cities, civilized villages and towns and civilized trades as the key points, thus effectively bringing about a higher degree of urban and rural civilization and improvement in citizens' qualities. The same front launched in-depth activities of sending cultural, technical and medical workers to go down to rural areas to serve farmers, the activity of "letting thousands of stores in hundreds of cities be free from faked goods" and the activity of the "student-assistance project for the development of the western region". In the struggle of combating flood and going to hurried rescue, the publicity and ideological front, in the face of the test of the devastating flood water of three rivers, gave full play to its role of embodying people's hearts and inspiring their morale, thus giving a great impetus to victory in this struggle. The building of civilization with high cultural and ethical levels presented a gratifying situation of overall advance and comprehensive expansion.

In September 2001, the Party Central Committee printed and distributed the "Outline on Implementation of Citizen Moral Construction". The publicity and ideological front vigorously publicized the "Outline", actively spurred citizens' ideological and moral construction, the citizens' basic moral standard characterized by "patriotism, law-abiding; courtesy and honesty; solidarity and friendship; diligence, frugality and self-improvement; and devotion and contribution" has gone deep into the hearts of the people. The enthusiasm and political consciousness of the cadres and masses embodied in their efforts to improve their moral qualities have been greatly enhanced, a good atmosphere in which the whole society is concerned about and participates in moral construction has been formed.

Inspiring people with excellent works

Thanks to adhering to the orientation of serving the people and socialism and the policy of "letting one hundred flowers bloom and one hundred schools of thought contend", the promotion of main theme, the advocacy of variety, the grasp of prosperity with one hand, and management with the other hand, and the effort to "inspire people with excellent works", the socialist cultural undertaking has achieved unprecedented vitality and vigor.

Turning out more outstanding works, contributing the best mental nourishment to the people to constantly satisfy their growing intellectual and cultural demands is the glorious mission entrusted by the times to the publicity and ideological front, and is an important duty of publicity, ideological and cultural workers. Over the last 13 years, the publicity, ideological and cultural front has conscientiously implemented the Party's cultural principles and policies, earnestly respected the law of arts and, through organizing and implementing a series of excellent works relating to the building of civilization with high cultural and ethical levels, including the "five-one project of anti-drug education), has boosted improvement in the quality of all intellectual and cultural products. The broad masses of publicity, ideological and cultural workers have actively thrown themselves into the gigantic tasks of reform, opening up and modernization drive, the cultural ranks have kept developing and expanding, creation and performance of works have presented a sight of unprecedented liveliness. Mass cultural activities are rich and colorful, which present a prosperous scene featuring the blossoming of a hundred flowers at the turn of the century and play a positive role in enhancing people's aesthetic temperament and interest, cultivating their moral character and molding their noble spirit. (People's Daily)

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