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· Population Density
· Population Policy
· Ethnic Makeup
National Regional Autonomy
· Political Autonomy Right
· Autonomy Right in Economic and Social Development
· Equal Rights for Tibetan Women
· Study and Use of Tibetan Language
Tibetan Economy
· Fast Development
· Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Forestry
· Industry and Building Industry
· Investment in Fixed Assets
· Domestic Trade
· Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation
· Banking and Insurance
Environmental Protection
· Protection of Natural Forests
· Comprehensive Treatment of Soil Erosion
· Sand Prevention and Treatment
· Biodiversity Protection
· Nature Reserves
Education, Science &Technology
· Education
· Science and Technology
· Appendix-1 Administrative Division
· Appendix-2 Topography
· Appendix-3 Natural Resources
· Appendix-4 History
· Appendix-5 Tibetan Buddhism
· Appendix-6 The Agreement of the Central People's Government and the Local Government of Tibet on Measures for the Peaceful Liberation of Tibet
Religious Belief
· Freedom of Religious Belief
· Renovation of Religious Sites
· Publishing of Religious Classics
· Institutes of Buddhism
People's Livelihood & Social Security
· Standard of Living
· Social Security
Transportation, Posts & Telecommunications
· Highways
· Oil Pipelines
· Railway
· Aviation
· Posts and Telecommunications
· Tourism Resources, Tourism Seasons and Destinations
· Hotels and Travel Services
Culture, Public Health & Sports
· Book Publishing
· Cultural Relics Protection
· Carrying Forward, Protecting and Developing Traditional Culture
· Foreign Cultural Exchanges
· Media
· Public Health
· Sports
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