Video Games

- China's online game market hit 12.8 bln in 2007
- 10 e-games recommended for teenagers
- Vivendi, Activision join to reshape game world
- China's mobile online game sales surge
- World's 1st TV-quality online network launches
- 'Halo 3' rings up US$300m in first week
- Halo 3 rakes in US$170 mln in 24 hours
- Mayday Plays for 'Halo 3'
- Anti-corruption Game Shut Down After Less Than a Month
- Gaming Companies Locked in IPR Battle
- Report Reveals China-made Game Boom
- Time Limit Penalties Now Mandatory for Online Games
- Skeletons Banned in Chinese 'World of Warcraft'
- 2007 Beijing Summer Digital Entertainment Jam
- Yuki Xu Promotes Video Game
- Blizzard, Intel, The9 to Jointly Promote Game Pack
- No CD-Key Charge for World of Warcraft's Expansion
- FIFA Online Coming to China
- Govt Says 'Game Over' for Youth
- Online Gamers Go for Voluntary Blood Donation, Involuntarily
- The9 to Exclusively Operate Huxley on Mainland
- Video Games Are the Cool New Music Space
- Online Game Trial Opens
- Famed Director Committed to Online Promotional Film
- The9 Launches Game Blog Contest with Sina
- The9 And Pepsi Launch New Online Game
- Cyber Athletes Earn Millions a Year in China
- Chinese Version of Humanitarian Game to Be Launched
- Computer Games to Get Suitability Ratings
- Authorities Act to Prevent Teenage Internet Addiction
- Chinese Criticize Japanese Game
- Chinese Heroes Versus World of Warcraft
- NetEase Results Exceed Expectations
- Popular Game 'Mafia' Receives Mixed Reaction
- Digital Entertainment Expo Features Latest Games
- World Choir Games Opens in SE China City
- China to Train Online Game Developers
- Mafia' Game Gains Popularity in Shenzhen
- Exhibition or Playtime? An Interactive Art Experience
- Online Gaming Market Grows
- Disney Sign Up to Chinese Online Deal
- Online Game Operator Shanda Posts 95% Drop
- Parents Sue Online Game Seller for Son's Suicide
- Fine for Virtual Property Thief
- China Applies Online Games in Tactical Training
- Gamers to Register Real IDs
- Lei Feng Becomes Online Game Hero
- Online Games May Face Rating System
- Mainland Gamers Feel Microsoft not Playing the Game
- 'Deadly Game' Delves into Human Nature
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- The Fourth Brother Visits His Mother
- The Red Maid
Awards & Festivals
National garment association gives out awards

The National Garment Association gave out its annual prestigious awards to notable Chinese fashion designers at Beijing Exhibition Center Theater Friday.