Odd News

- "Mao Zedong Actress" Astonishes Chengdu Citizens
- Taiwan TV Host Admits Drug Use
- Concern Over Celebrities in Fake Ads
- Online Gamers Go for Voluntary Blood Donation, Involuntarily
- TV Cuckold Case Goes to Court
- Stars Cannot Buy Stars
- 'Panda' Virus Casts Shadow over China's Cyberspace
- Ads for Fashion and Soda Pop Pollute Campuses
- Police Threaten to Prosecute Wang Shuo
- Man Gives Wife Plastic Surgery For Women's Day
- Legend of Lei Feng Cheapened by Advertising Stunt
- Ghost Story Becomes Popular in Colleges
- Actress Starring Lin Daiyu Becomes Nun
- Love Letters Written by Software
- College Entrance Exam Bans Internet Language
- It's Against Henan People?
- New Holiday Trend: Renting A Lover
- Fans Parody RMB Note
- Earth-eating Girl Tilts At Guinness Record
- Matchmaking Party for Pets Held in HK
- Singer Takes BBS Portal to Court Over Sex-for-Deal Post
- US$100,000 Offered to Crack Down on Computer Virus
- Gift: Safe Sex with Musical Condoms
- Affairs Haunt Guangdong Women
- Netizens Parody Olympic Emblem
- Man Runs in Underwear After Failing to Find a Job
- TV Host Suspended After Driving Drunk
- Face Off for the Celebrity Obsessed
- 1st Set of Poker Cards With Beautiful Girls in Chengdu
- Pu Shu Divorce News False
- Hsiao Shushen Admits Drug-use
- Panda Xiong Faints from Excess Dieting
- Would-be Woman Takes Further Transsexual Surgery
- Rosamund Kwan Vows She Will Never Appear Nude
- Wuhan Man Changes Face for Li Yong
- 'Prostitute Parade' in Shenzhen Stirs Debate in China
- Gay Man Accuses Tsinghua of Discrimination
- Spoof Nude Sumo Popular in Beijing
- Benny Chen and Charmaine Sheh Break Up
- Andy Lau Shaves Head for New Film Ci Ma
- Soccer Commentator Huang Jianxiang to Join Showbiz
- Sex, Lies And Videotape: Actress' Disclosure
- Shanghai: Old Games for Children Revived
- A 'Fishy Tale' … But True!
- Chinese Turn to Website for Emotional Outlet
- 100,000 Yuan to Cat-sit?
- Employees Run 5-star Hotel After Manager Flees
- School to Teach How to Marry the Rich
- Cross-dressers Draw Chinese Audience
- Nicholas Avoids Being Seen on the Same Stage with Cecilia
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- The Fourth Brother Visits His Mother
- The Red Maid
Awards & Festivals
National garment association gives out awards

The National Garment Association gave out its annual prestigious awards to notable Chinese fashion designers at Beijing Exhibition Center Theater Friday.