Odd News

- Police Don't Embrace 'Free Hugs'
- Chinglish Gets Popular
- HK Magazine Loses Appeal Over 'Obscene' Pop Star Pics
- Un-environmentally Friendly Director Nominated for Green Award
- Surname Festival Starts in Henan
- Underground Dates: New Fast Food for the Young?
- Free Hugs to Warm Your Heart
- Scary Themes for Halloween Frighten Kids
- Shanghai's 65,000 Dogs Have Electronic Tags
- Sexy Photos Spark Harsh Rebukes
- Website Lets Teenagers Vent, But Ends in Cursing
- 'Lucky Babies' Find It Is Tough Luck for Rest of Their Lives
- Monument for 'Super Girls' Stirs Controversy
- Renowned Chinese Dictionary Turns Its Back on 'Super Girl'
- Students' Matchmaking Service Taking off
- The More They Earn, The Poorer They Become
- Compulsory Golf Lessons Tee Off Education Debate
- Postmen Bite back at Dog Owners
- Safe-sex Education for Prostitutes Stirs Debate
- Rumble in the Zoo: Panda 1 Man 0
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- The Fourth Brother Visits His Mother
- The Red Maid
Awards & Festivals
National garment association gives out awards

The National Garment Association gave out its annual prestigious awards to notable Chinese fashion designers at Beijing Exhibition Center Theater Friday.