Odd News

- 'American Idol' cuts another competitor
- Innocent Angel sues over big breast ad
- 83-year-old man assaulted for suspected love affair with 90-year-old neighbor
- Husband killed for 'not washing feet'
- No sex please, I'm a reviewer, farmer tells cops
- Jodie Foster stalker arrested after bomb threats
- Presley blasts media over pregnancy
- Cemetery full, French mayor tells locals not to die
- Scarlett sells herself on eBay
- Fan alegedly hits singer with bottle
- Pet fashion designers dress dogs in Oscar style
- Actress Bai Ling arrested for shoplifting
- Mouse develops habit of stealing jewelry
- Man replicates Forbidden City
- Erotic pics of HK stars stir up town
- Peculiar calabash in Lanzhou
- Sean Paul music drives fan to brain surgery
- Oops, now Britney's lost her car
- 'Spiritual store' emerges in Beijing
- Belly dancing gains favor with boys
- Spears tops Hollywood star eBay sales
- RMB note as counterfeit proof for tickets
- Unusual calf born with two legs
- Film buffs bugged by bounty of bugs
- Rare stone exhibits China map
- Smallest couple to tie the knot
- Over 18,000 share name with Olympic champ Liu Xiang
- Odd Drink to Raise a 65kg Boy
- Biggest Toilet Built in Chongqing
- 'Post-90s' Generation Speak 'Martian Language'
- Playing Music to Dairy Cows Brings More Milk
- Smash the Dishes, Feel for the Better?
- A Lavish Funeral... for Pet Friend
- Woman Keeps Hair of 2.2 Meters
- Eating Mice Won't Stop Plague
- War Waged Against Mice Invasion
- Burning to Tell Someone Your Secret? Ok, Log On
- Sex Scandal Actress Attacks Again
- Man Proposes Marriage Through Movie Theater Ad
- Eatery Makes Promise to Chairman Mao
- Video Shows 'The Flowers' Fighting
- Painted Terracotta Warriors Stir Dispute
- French 'Spider-Man' Caught in Police Web
- Worrying Form of Black Magic Captivates Chinese Youth
- Popular Ethnic Singer Jailed on Arson Charges
- Chinese Writer Sues US Movie Giant over Copyright Infringement
- Name Cards Popularized Among Guangzhou Pupils
- Kindly Cartoon Tag on Car
- Wasteland Made into Pet Cemetery
- Celebrity Worship Turns Tragic
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- The Fourth Brother Visits His Mother
- The Red Maid
Awards & Festivals
National garment association gives out awards

The National Garment Association gave out its annual prestigious awards to notable Chinese fashion designers at Beijing Exhibition Center Theater Friday.