Act on Addressing Climate Change (Draft Proposal)

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Chapter 4 Measures of Adaptation to Climate Change

Article 49 (General Requirements) The nation shall develop analysis and judgment mechanism on climate change impacts, implement assessment work of climate change impacts on national food security, water security, ecological security, human health and safety, take appropriate measures to enhance adaptation ability to climate change, and maintain the continuity of the economic and social development.

Article 50 (Life and Work Measures) The nation shall guide the citizens to select the appropriate live and work, a reasonable change of clothing, reducing the reliance on air conditioning, heating, climate control facilities, and improve the ability to adapt to climate change.

Article 51 (Measures of Industrial Structure) The nation shall develop water-saving, energy-saving industry in arid, semi-arid and energy-deficient region, and support enterprises to carry out water conservation, energy conservation, reduce the dependence degree of the enterprises on water and energy due to climate change.

The nation shall encourage all localities to change the development mode, adjust the industrial structure, maintain the sustainability of economic development according to the climate change situation in their administrative region,

Article 52 (Agriculture and Grassland Measures) Agricultural administrative departments under the State Council shall develop agricultural measures to address climate change, improve the protecting farmland system and food early warning system, strengthen agro-meteorological service system, establish and improve the early warning systems for disaster prevention and reduction. The nation shall encourage to research and cultivate stress-resistant varieties of seeds with high yield potential and high quality and resistance to drought, waterlogging, high temperature, diseases and pests, expand the growing areas of super strains of crops, and further increase subsidies for superior strains of crops, and accelerate integration of the cultivation, reproduction and spreading of such superior strains. Areas where agriculture and fisheries production conditions change shall scientifically and rationally adjust the production layout structure, improve production methods and varieties, and improve the conditions of the agricultural and fisheries production. The nation shall strengthen farmland and grassland infrastructure construction, promote agricultural restructuring, and raise the overall production and natural disasters withstanding capacity of agriculture. The nation shall support to carry out special management actions in desert areas and potential desertification areas, arid areas and potential desertification areas and other areas affected by climate change, conduct transformation of low-yielding fields, transformation of crop varieties, enhance soil fertility of farmland and grassland, and improve productivity. The nation shall support the pastoral areas to carry out climate change livestock disease prevention and control, support the agricultural areas to effectively reduce pests and disease epidemics and the spread of weeds, reduce production costs, and prevent the potential desertification tendency to expand.

Article 53 (Forestry Measures) Local people's governments at all levels shall improve the forest fires and pest and disease monitoring system to prevent forest fires, prevent and treat forest pests and diseases, protect typical forest ecosystems and national key wild animals and plants, prevent and control water and soil erosion and land desertification, promote the restoration of natural ecosystems. The nation shall implement forestry and forest, wetlands ecological key protection projects, build up important ecological function areas, support afforestation and ecological restoration work carried out in the areas of desertification and rocky desertification and other areas with poor natural conditions, and improve the capacity of forests and wetlands to adapt to climate change.

Article 54 (Water Resources Measures) The nation shall improve the policy system concerning the development, utilization, conservation and protection of water resources, enhance the planning of water infrastructure, increase research and development on water conservation, seawater utilization technology and improve ability of water resources system to cope with climate change. The nation shall strengthen the national water resources management, rational development and optimized allocation of water resources, accelerating the pace of some key water conservancy projects and major water resource projects, scientifically carry out river basin management and water resources allocation, organize to conduct of the work of diverting water at time of urgent need and ecological water re-charge to ensure water supply and demand balance, prevent the inland rivers, lakes and wetlands to shrink, ensure that the ecology of arid regions is not degraded. The nation shall strive to consolidate farmland and water conservancy infrastructure, raise the overall production capacity of agriculture, encourage large-scale construction of standard farmland with stable yields despite drought or flood, support major irrigation areas to continue building supporting and big irrigation and drainage pump stations, expand the irrigation area, improve the irrigation efficiency and spread water-conservation technology, and carry out agricultural water pricing reform and pilot water-conservation renovations of farmland ditches, and enhance the nation's capacity to resist disasters. The nation shall improve anti-flood engineering systems in large rivers, tighten soil erosion control and carry out reinforcement of large and medium-sized reservoirs as well as key small ones in danger.

Article 55 (Ocean Measures) The State Council and people's governments in coastal areas shall enhance the monitoring and protection of marine and coastal ecosystems, carry out monitoring, investigation and assessment on sea-level rise, coastal erosion, seawater intrusion and stalinization of soil, and increase the coastal areas' capacity to resist marine disasters. The people's governments in coastal areas shall carry out marine ecosystem restoration projects in the coastal areas and on key islands, and launch eco-restoration demonstration projects such as cultivating and replanting mangroves, protecting coral reefs by way of relocation, and returning coastal wetlands to beaches, and implement observation and early warning work related to storm surge, sea wave, tsunami, sea ice and other marine disasters to effectively reduce the casualties and property losses caused by such marine disasters. National oceanic administrative department and people's governments in coastal areas shall release annual gazettes on marine conditions, sea levels and marine disasters to provide information for preventing and combating various marine disasters.

Article 56 (Construction Measures) Construction administrative department under The State Council shall be responsible for formulating construction standards to withstand extreme weather, encourage property owners to build up and renovation construction in accordance with the standards.

Article 57 (Tourism Measures) The nation shall advocate to promote tourism industry upgrading and restructuring by technological innovation and ecological protection, decelerating the negative impacts of climate change. The meteorological department shall promptly publish ​​climate risk information of the scenic area. Scenic management and operation departments shall strengthen the risk education for tourists; improve the scenic risk and emergency management to ensure tourist safety.

Article 58 (Sanitary Measures) The nation shall encourage study on impacts of climate change on human health. The health administrative departments at all levels shall strengthen the monitoring of disease extent and scope of cardiovascular disease, malaria, dengue fever, heat stroke, frostbite, take effective measures to combat disease caused by climate change, especially extreme weather.

Article 59 (Biodiversity Maintenance Measures) The nation shall establish a biodiversity monitoring network, and take measures to prevent the degradation of ecosystems due to climate change, maintaining biodiversity. The nation shall take in situ and ex situ measures for protection of species and their habitat affected seriously by climate change.

Article 60 (Monitoring and Early Warning) The nation shall strengthen monitoring, early warning, forecasting, scientific prevention and response to the various types of extreme weather and climate events, climate hazards and their derivatives disasters.

The State Council and local people's governments shall develop comprehensive and specialized emergency response plan for floods, snow and ice disaster, drought, pests, fire and other disasters, establish emergency response system, improve the local disaster prevention and mitigation measures. Enterprises and institutions shall plan and select of production and business establishments in according with which the meteorological conditions and geographical environment, and develop contingency plans to address climate disasters.

Article 61 (Emergency Relief) The nation shall build and improve climate change emergency relief system to ensure to minimize the losses caused by disasters brought by climate change.

Local people's governments shall take measures to encourage and guide the volunteers to participate in disaster prevention and mitigation activities, improve the capacity of the whole society to cope with extreme weather disasters.

Article 62 (Notification and Collaboration) The State Council and people's governments above the county level shall establish a climate change adaptation and disaster response communications and coordination mechanism, and take practical measures to deal with disasters and the threat of climate change that may arise.

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