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- Green: The color of money (saved) and the environment
Green: The color of money (saved) and the environment
So far China has many shades of green, mostly pale. But going really, truly, deeply green takes more than some solar panels - it takes a triangle of government, developers and consumers.
'Green' a buzzword | China-US green tech forum | ADB support
- China rediscovers bicycling in car era
In China, once called a "kingdom of bicycles," cycling for fitness is making inroads after years of soaring car ownership. Cycling symbolizes a fashionable and "green" lifestyle.
Bicycle Kingdom | Free bike rentals | 'Green' a buzzword
- Mainland panda pair arrive in Taiwan
Mainland panda pair arrive in Taiwan
A chartered plane carrying two giant pandas from the Chinese mainland touched down at the Taoyuan Airport in Taiwan on Dec. 23. The panda pair have become "sweethearts" on the island.
Panda facts | Sichuan earthquake | Adjust to new home
- 938 evacuated for Three Gorges water rising
Geological hazards have forced 938 people to evacuate in central China's Hubei Province since trial water storage operations for the Three Gorges Project launched three months ago.
Three Gorges Project | International symposium | Photos
- 'Panda Daddy' to the rescue
'Panda Daddy' to the rescue
Zhang Hemin, director of Sichuan's Wolong Nature Reserve, says he likes being called "Panda Daddy". Between 1991 and 2008, the panda population there increased from a mere 10 to around 240.
Giant panda | Sichuan earthquake | Panda pair for Taiwan
- Winter vegetables reflect Tibet's changing lifestyle
Four years ago, in Doilungdeqen County near Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region, 235 farmers formed a cooperative to market fresh vegetables and flowers in Lhasa and nearby areas.
Facts and figures | Reform & opening up  | Tibetan people
- UN chief calls 2009 'year of climate change'
UN chief Ban Ki-moon on Wednesday called 2009 "the year of climate change" as he reviewed the world body's "mixed" record handling crises in Darfur, Kosovo and Zimbabwe.
UN conference  | Beijing Declaration | National program
- WB predicts global recession in 2009
The financial crisis has dimmed short-term prospects for the world and recession in developed countries and slowdown in developing countries inevitable, said the World Bank.
Financial crisis | Reform of fuel tax, pricing | Grain harvest
- Beijing fulfils 'blue sky' day goal in advance
Beijing has met its 2008 target of 256 blue sky days as November 30 marked another day of good air quality. From January to November, major pollution indices in the city fell by up to 27.8 percent.
Public debate | New traffic restriction  | Air quality in China
- Farmer stands second trial for faking tiger photos
The farmer who was accused and found guilty of faking photographs of a critically-endangered tiger species in the wild is standing second trial on November 17 in Shaanxi Province.
Reality or legend | Photos are fake | Online debate
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- Changchun, Mini-marathon Aimed at Protecting Siberian Tiger
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World Fights A/H1N1 flu
The pandemic fear grips the world as the virus spreads from Mexico to the US, Europe and as far as China.
Panda Facts
A record 28 panda cubs born via artificial insemination have survived in 2006.
South China Karst
Rich and unique karst landforms located in south China display exceptional natural beauty.
Saving the Tibetan Antelopes
The rare animals survive in the harsh natural environment of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.
Laws & Regulations
- Forestry Law of the People's Republic of China
- Meteorology Law of the People's Republic of China
- Fire Control Law of the People's Republic of China
- Law on Protecting Against and Mitigating Earthquake Disasters
- Law of the People's Republic of China on Conserving Energy
State Environmental Protection Administration
Ministry of Water Resources
Ministry of Land and Resources
China Environmental Industry Network
Chengdu Giant Panda Research Base