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Rescue crews move several Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) tanks to safety after a van gets burned in Shenyang, northeast China's Liaoning Province April 5. The van loaded with LNG tanks got self-ignited and led to the explosion. No casualties were reported.
Twenty-six people have been confirmed dead after a coal mine gas explosion in north China's Shanxi Province on Wednesday, local authorities said.
A conflagration burns down a fireworks warehouse in Donggang in northeastern China's Liaoning Province early on Sunday.
2006 Asian Games
- 2 Killed, 7 Missing in Gansu Coalmine Accident
- Shanghai Subway Construction Collapse Kills One
- China Sees Increase of Serious Accidents in March
- Coal Mine Explosion Kills 26 in N. China
- Coal Mine Accident Leaves 10 Missing in Guizhou
- Five More Arrested for Alleged Cover-up of Coal Mine Fire
- Death Toll Rises to 21 in N China Mine Blast
- Coal Mine Gas Blast Traps 21 Miners in N. China
- Coal Mine Boss Arrested for Alleged Cover-up of Fatal Fire
- Coal Mine Fire Kills 6, Injures 15 in Liaoning
- Two Coal Mine Accidents Kill 10 in N China
- New Legal Interpretation Issued to Improve Coal Mine Safety
- Eight Dead in South China Factory Fire
- Six Confirmed Dead in Heibei Fireworks Blast
- At Least Six Injured in Petroleum Plant Blast in Gansu
- Families of Mine Accident Victims Got Compensation
- Death Toll Rises to 16 in Mine Blast
- 2 Fireworks Workshop Blasts Kill 5 in Henan
- China: One Mine, One Company Policy
- Colliery Gas Blast Kills 13 in N. China
- Kiln Collapse Kills 5 Workers in NW China
- Fewer Coalmine Deaths
- Colliery Flooding Traps 7 in Liaoning
- Fire Kills 5, Injured 5 in N China Power Plant
- Four Dead, Six Injured in Ceiling Collapse in Jiangxi
- 41 Managers, Officials Punished for Mine Accidents
- 2nd Capping Plan Under Study for Leaking Gas Well, 12,000 Evacuated
- More Time Needed to Improve Work Safety
- Death Toll Rises to 3 in Inner Mongolia Coal Mine Blast
- 6 Dead, Rescue Work Ends After Heilongjiang Colliery Flood
- Colliery Gas Accident Kills 12 in Hunan
- 40 in Hospital due to Sulfur Dioxide Spill in Liaoning
- Safety Training for Fireworks Industry Urged
- One Killed, Seven Trapped in Liaoning Colliery Flooding
- November Fires Kill 103 in China
- Six Killed and Six Missing in Mine Collapse
- Eleven Die in NW China Mine Blast
- Death Toll of 47 in Shanxi Mine Explosion
- Caution Called for at Mines as Winter Sets in
- Mine Gas Blast Kills 17 and Traps 30 in Shanxi
- Coalmine Blast Leaves 29 Dead, 19 Injured
- 6 Dead, 8 Missing in NW China Coalmine Blast
- Accidents at Coalmines, Construction Sites Kill 26 in Hebei
- Ten Killed in Hebei Coalmine Fire
- 8 Dead in Colliery Gas Explosion, Building Collapses in Hebei
- Closure of Unsafe Small Coalmines Postponed
- Mine Owners Jailed for 5 Years for Fatal Collapse in Hebei
- Eight Trapped Miners Rescued in Anhui
- Coalmine Collapse in Anhui Traps 8 Miners
- 2 Missing After Coalmine Blast in Yunnan
- Ministry of Labor and Social Security
- Ministry of Public Security
- Ministry of Supervision
- Ministry of Land and Resources
- Ministry of Construction
- Ministry of Railways
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