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Rescue crews move several Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) tanks to safety after a van gets burned in Shenyang, northeast China's Liaoning Province April 5. The van loaded with LNG tanks got self-ignited and led to the explosion. No casualties were reported.
Twenty-six people have been confirmed dead after a coal mine gas explosion in north China's Shanxi Province on Wednesday, local authorities said.
A conflagration burns down a fireworks warehouse in Donggang in northeastern China's Liaoning Province early on Sunday.
Gov't in Action
2006 Asian Games
- Coal Mines Told to Look for Hidden Risks
- New Legal Interpretation Issued to Improve Coal Mine Safety
- Coal-rich Shanxi Closes 1,363 Coal Mines in 2006
- Mine Safety to Improve Further
- 3 Officials Sacked After Fatal Colliery Gas Blast in Shanxi
- China to Close over 1,000 Unsafe Mines
- Two Heileongjiang Coal Mines Blown Down After Accidents
- Ten Jailed for Fireworks Blast in Henan
- Campaign to Save 100 Mln Tons of Coal
- Improve Miners' Safety
- China Caps Number of Miners Working Underground
- Safety Rule Is Timely
- Strict Punishment for Safety Violations
- Gov't Demands Action on Work Safety
- Health Checks Tightened at Construction Project
- Inspectors Check Fireworks Production Safety
- Gov't Forced to Delay Unsafe Coal Mine Closures
- China, Dupont Cooperate to Improve Work Safety
- International Forum on Safety at Work
- China to Close 4,861 Small Collieries by 2007
- China to Build Emergency Rescue System for Industrial Accidents
- US$60 Bln to Reduce Industrial Accidents
- Hebei to Conduct Mine Safety Overhaul
- China's Workers at Greater Risk of Illness, Injury on Job
- China Fights Corruption to Enhance Work Safety
- China to Spend More on Work Safety
- Gov't to Amend Criminal Code to Curb Work Accidents
- All Chemical Plants Need New Safety Licenses
- Improvements Promised on Work Safety
- Shenzhen Starts Workplace Injury Insurance Inspection
- Unions Launch Campaign to Safeguard Migrant Workers
- China to Recruit 100,000 Coalmine Safety Supervisors
- Guangdong Shuts down All Fireworks Businesses
- China Reports Fewer Work Accidents
- Mine Accident -- Three More Reach Safety
- Nationwide Mine Safety Drive Launched
- Nation Moves to Curb Workplace Accidents
- Hu Stresses Safe Production and 'Putting People First'
- Henan to Improve Coal Mine Safety
- Subsidies Offered to Enhance Work Safety
- Shandong Closes 71 Unsafe Coal Mines
- China to Close 35,842 Firms Without Work Safety License
- Families of Dead Hebei Miners Compensated
- China Vows to Reduce Coal Mine Deaths
- Wen Outlines Work Safety Improvement Measures
- Coal Mines Required to Deposit Money as Safety Guarantee
- 222 People Punished for Coal Mine Accidents
- Wen Calls for Production Safety
- Ministry of Labor and Social Security
- Ministry of Public Security
- Ministry of Supervision
- Ministry of Land and Resources
- Ministry of Construction
- Ministry of Railways
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