Local Governments News
- HK gov't welcomes issue of RMB sovereign bonds
The government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Tuesday welcomed the issue of Renminbi (RMB) sovereign bonds in Hong Kong by the central government.
- Pollution tax will not be levied
An anonymous official from the Ministry of Environmental Protection said it is unlikely to levy an additional pollution tax on vehicles when a fuel tax already exists, the Shanghai Securities News reported today.
- Court revokes drunk driver's death sentence
The Sichuan Provincial Higher People's Court sentenced a drink driver to life imprisonment on Tuesday, revoking an earlier court's death sentence.
- One-child policy unchanged: Shanghai official
Go forth and multiply, citizens, appeared to be the message from Shanghai government until officials recently backtracked and reiterated that the old one-child policy remained unchanged.
- An affordable home for every family: authority
A city official in Chongqing Municipality said the local government wants every family there to be able to afford a house with just six-and-a-half years of income.
- Authorities reiterates punishment against syringe attacks
Authorities in northwest China's Xinjiang reiterated Monday syringe attackers "must" be given punishment while an overnight traffic control was implemented in the regional capital of Urumqi despite signs of recovery after assaults caused scare among residents and triggered mass protests.
- 30 illegal maids face deportation from Shanghai
More than 30 foreign maids working illegally in the city have been ordered to be deported by Shanghai immigration authorities, officials said yesterday.
- Shanghai to fit emergency escape windows to buses
Emergency escape windows will be installed in about 8,000 city buses in Shanghai before the 2010 World Expo opens in May next year, local transport authorities were quoted as saying by Monday's Shanghai Daily.
- Judicial trio fingered in organized crime crackdown
Three senior judicial officials are under investigation for allegedly protecting criminal gangs, it has been reported.
- 7,000 officials sent to Urumqi after syringe attacks
Authorities in China's far western Xinjiang said Sunday they will send more than 7,000 officials to 110 communities in the regional capital of Urumqi to help ease panic and tension after syringe attacks led to mass protests.
- Beijing to install 2,500 mobile toilets
About 2,500 sets of mobile toilets will be installed in downtown Beijing to accommodate the needs of up to 200,000 participants during China's National Day celebration, theBeijing Timesreported Saturday.
- Taiwan not to bid for UN seat
Taiwan will drop its annual bid to join the United Nations this time, the first time in 17 years, the island's "foreign ministry" said on Friday.
- China police release 15 after lead poisoning unrest
Police in central China's Hunan Province released 15 people who were involved in a recent protest over a lead poisoning incident that was suspected to have sickened more than 1,300 local children, police said Thursday.
- Sichuan to finish rebuilding farmhouses by the end of year
Sichuan will finish rebuilding quake-hit farmhouses by the end of this year, the Sichuan Post-quake House Reconstruction Conference announced Thursday, chinanews.com.cn reported Thursday.
- Water prices bubble in Lanzhou
A proposed water price hike in Lanzhou, capital of Gansu province on the banks of the Yellow River, has infuriated residents who are demanding to know why such price increases are necessary.
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