Local Governments News
- Hangzhou's former vice mayor quits legislature
Former vice mayor of east China's Hangzhou City Xu Maiyong has resigned from the city legislature, four months after he was dismissed as vice mayor for "serious discipline violations."
- Shanghai rolls out health care plan for expat kids
Children from overseas whose parents work in Shanghai will be able to join a government-run fund covering medical expenses when the new semester begins next month.
- Environment politico pleads guilty to graft
A former vice- director of a local environment protection bureau pleaded guilty yesterday to charges of accepting more than 1 million yuan ($146,000) in bribes.
- Subway checks being enforced
Three people in Beijing have been detained for refusing security checks and attacking officers at a subway station, making them the first group of people subject to such punishment since the city started checking subway passengers about one year ago, police said yesterday.
- HK to promote opportunities for women in public services
The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) government pledged Wednesday that it will promote gender mainstreaming, encourage women's participation in public services, and identify and nurture women members for advisory and statutory bodies.
- Shanghai builds better construction rules
A new regulation in Shanghai that will take effect Oct 1 compels developers to carry out mandatory safety checks in the future on all newly built apartments.
- Fund to boost police morale
With a police force ravaged by allegations of corruption and sheltering gangsters, the municipality's police chief sought to boost sagging morale among officers by creating a fund for the families of deceased officers.
- Macao to offer 1,000 internships to mainland graduates
Macao's Labor Affairs Bureau Tuesday announced an internship program under which some 1,000 local college graduates of the 2008/2009 academic year will have the opportunity to work as trainees in major enterprises on the Chinese mainland.
- Official sacked over coal mine blast as rescue continues
An official has been sacked after a coal mine gas blast killed 11 construction workers in north China's Shanxi Province. Rescuers were still searching for three missing workers Tuesday.
- Opinions divided over Party's training of private tycoons' successors
A program to train the successors of major private business tycoons in east China's booming Jiangsu Province has sparked debate on whether it was an abuse of government resources.
- Beijing to make sure no rain on National Day's parade
Beijing is preparing to manipulate the weather to ensure that it does not rain on its National Day parade on Oct 1.
- Xinjiang offers mediacal assistance to millions
The government of northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region has offered medical assistance to 4.75 million people with financial difficulties since 2006, a spokesman with the regional civil affairs department said Sunday.
- Govt 'too busy to fuss with' citizen complaint
Under a new set of regulations, government departments have been required to respond promptly to Internet complaints.
- Beijing beefs up anti-terror measures
Beijing has begun deploying thousands of additional police officers and checking vehicles entering the city to ensure a safe National Day celebration.
- Soccer coach detained over fatal corporal punishment
A soccer coach in southwest China's Chongqing Municipality has been detained over a corporal punishment that caused the death of a teenager, local government officials said Sunday.
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