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- Heilongjiang court hears appeal over police 'torture' case
A court in northeast China's Heilongjiang Province on Friday heard the appeal of four policemen who allegedly tortured a suspect to get a confession, leading to his death.
- Public consultation on NW China lead poisoning relocation plan
Authorities in northwest China's Shaanxi Province Friday asked for public comments on relocation proposals, in the wake of the scandal of 851 children poisoned by heavy metal discharges from a smelter.
- Officers say ex-boss is corrupt
An investigation by the Huxian county public security bureau is underway to verify complaints of corruption directed at a former bureau director from more than 100 police officers under his command.
- Xinjiang to intensify security force for Urumqi Trade Fair
Security force will be intensified this year for the 18th Urumqi Trade Fair in the capital of northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, police said Thursday.
- Gangster trawl nabs top police
At least six police chiefs of district-level bureaus in this southwestern municipality have been detained for serving as "protective umbrellas" for local gangs, insiders said yesterday as a crackdown against mafia-style crime continues.
- HK's domestic waste recycling rate rises to 31 pct
The recycling rate of domestic waste in Hong Kong rose from 16 percent to 31 percent during the year 2005 to 2008, the Environmental Protection Department of Hong Kong said Thursday.
- Shanghai pushes campaign to wipe out Chinglish
Shanghai will start the next phase of its campaign to eradicate Chinglish in public signs next month to ensure an intelligent linguistic landscape for the millions of visitors coming to town for the 2010 World Expo, officials said yesterday.
- Terror threat being targeted in Beijing
More street-level checkpoints and extensive searches of individuals - especially those who have been residents of Beijing for a short time - are among security initiatives police in the capital will take as they look to "nip threats in the bud" during National Day celebrations.
- Signs of rebound for Shanghai's greener economy
Shanghai's economy appears to be recovering after a nine-month slowdown, mayor Han Zheng said yesterday.
- New law protects news media
The authorities of Kunming, capital city of Yunnan province have created a law that will punish any person or organization obstructing the work of the media or reporters in telling the news.
- Gov't spokesmen take to the Internet
Chinese government spokesmen are taking their message to the Internet. A “Network Spokesman” set up by the Guangdong Trade and Industry Bureau may set a nationwide trend after a professor from China’s National School of Administration said the initiative should be copied by governments across the country, China Economic Times reported on August 17.
- Officials work to stop flow of 'hot money'
Police say they are keeping close watch on rampant illegal banking, which has been linked to the flow of billions of dollars in "hot money" every year.
- Shanghai to ban lighting up in public
A new draft law, the first of its kind in Shanghai, bans smoking in most public places and imposes fines on establishments that fail to obey the restrictions.
- Gangs nabbed in Chongqing
More than 460 gangsters are on the run following a high-profile crackdown on organized crime in Chongqing that has already led to the detention of a judicial official and scores of police.
- Taiwan businessmen appointed as assessors in mainland
Eight businessmen from Taiwan were appointed by the people's congresses in Zhangzhou, a coastal city in east China's Fujian Province, as people's assessors in Taiwan-related cases on Monday.
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