- Israel decides to expel Venezuelan ambassador  - Israeli army to hold daily three-hour ceasefire  - Israel to open Gaza aid 'humanitarian corridor'  - Russia-Ukraine gas row escalates  
International - Opinion
Selection of Biden brings Obama strength and risks
Musharraf's resignation, a choice better than having none
Local media: Musharraf likely to step down
China mourns murdered American
Hype over city air quality reflects media's amnesia
It's time to take an objective view of China
Why apply double standards to China?
What is the dollar's sustainable value?
Pragmatism need of the hour for Iran issue
Olympics should not miss out Iraq
Failed WTO talks equal more imbalance of trade
Untainted picture of China's Africa policy
Protectionist retreat no remedy for trade crises
Hamas takes control of last Fatah stronghold in Gaza
Iraq's entry a victory for the Olympic spirit
Can Fukuda shake off difficulties by reshuffling Cabinet?
SAARC undergoing growing pains
Will Olmert's departure affect Israeli peace talks?
A hard look at Doha
Emerging markets key to new economic order
Strike a just deal
Challenges and scope for China-Nepal relations
Ghanaian President: impressed by Beijing Olympic preparations
Looking behind the global food crisis
Win-win energy deal
Banana row threatens to derail WTO talks
China's Darfur policy in tune with law, morality
Where is the Thai-Cambodian border dispute to go?
White House sex crimes must be exposed
Building a tourist industry that helps foreigners
Thorny issues to be tackled in Lebanese-Syrian reconciliation
Economic slowdown fuels dramatic lifestyle changes in US
China's helpful role in the new world order
Vietnam sees huge gap between registered FDI and disbursement
No magic wand in sight as US grapples with sinking economy
Prospects of Iranian nuclear issue's resolution remain dim
Will Russia's new policy paper renew Russia-West ties?
EU internal wrangling may disrupt global trade talks
Interview: Olympics to help world better understand China
Iran has clear 'red lines' in nuke talks
Thorns in US-Iraq security pact
New US president likely to focus more on Afghanistan
Russia's unique leadership idea
Joint efforts needed for a new, just global order
Africa's resources still best bet for its growth
China's trade, investment in Africa benefit all:British researcher
Looking to brighter Sino-French relations
Six-party action time
Success of Fatah-Hamas dialogue is a Palestinian dream
Who pushes oil prices higher?
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