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- Chinese wushu competition held in Tanzania
- Chinglish finds funny side of language
- Moxibustion is hot
- More foreigners gung-ho about learning Chinese
- More foreign interns seek work in China
- Confucius Institutes symposium held in Budapest
- Institute brings knowledge of Chinese culture to Kazakhs
- US students experience sharp learning curve in Shanghai
- Ukraine opens Chinese language and culture center
- Chinese language competition held in Bulgaria

- Traditional Chinese art struggles to regain lost ground
- Riding on a mystery train
- Foreign students have taste of Peking Opera at local artist's home
- Chinese language proficiency competition held in Mexico city
- Int'l Chinese language teaching conference opens in Bulgaria
- Chinese film festival to be launched in Myanmar cities
- Italian mom finds a rich new life in China
- Traditional rice food festival kicks off in Taipei
- Paper cutting trains foreign apprentices
- China to build stronger education ties with Australia

- Animation Kungfu Panda transmits Chinese culture
- Shaolin Temple donates books to the Library of U. S. Congress
- China donates Chinese language books to Cambodia
- Pakistanis begin taking up Mandarin
- Students take HSK test during 'Year of Chinese Language in Spain'
- Learning to draw Peking Opera's facial makeup
- 'Chinese Bridge' contest held in Laos
- Students contend in Ukrainian round of 'Chinese Bridge' competition
- Fast growing interest in Argentina for learning Chinese
- Turin children celebrate unity of Italy with Chinese kites

- Chinese language builds bridge between China, Mexico
- Chinese character show at UN Vienna office a cultural banquet
- Learning Chinese brings dream true for Pakistani student
- Old Beijing hutong reopens with new look
- Chinese Bridge links China with Russian students' dreams
- Young Danes celebrate EU-China Year of Youth in Copenhagen
- Eggs fighting hatches the start of summer
- Spring of Chinese-language teaching is coming
- Dishes cooked with flowers in China's Hangzhou
- Get it right by waiting for things to go wrong

- Chinese proficiency contest warms up Turin
- Houston Int'l Festival emphasis on Culture of Silk Road
- Chinese tea culture
- Top 10 women of old Shanghai
- Canadian students showcase Chinese language at embassy gala
- Jade Dew Tea faces risk of disappearing in Hubei
- Tsinghua: Destination for higher learning
- Chinese Language Contest held in Houston, U.S.
- Beijing int'l Tea Expo kicks off
- Confucius Institutes recruiting directors

- UN celebrates Chinese Language Day
- Chinese language play invaluable role in bringing Chinese culture to world
- Event introduces overseas film industry to Chinese cinema
- Shadow arts exhibition discloses Chinese culture to Italy
- Job fairs for foreigners grow more competitive
- Mandarin competition promotes ties with Laos
- Students catching onto 'cool' China factor
- 'Tiger Moms' popular in China
- Chinese language learning booms in U.S.
- U.S., China identify steps to further education cooperation

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