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Want more interviews? Job searches in tough times like now demand polished resumes more than ever. If you are attempting to write your own resume, these seven tips are important to follow:

希望有更多的面试机会? 在当今这样经济困难的时期,求职者比以往更需要精良的简历。如果你打算亲自动手写简历,下面是七个重要的建议: 

1. Select the best format.

While most resumes are written in a history chronological format, often a better technique is to evenly balance between skill-set description, achievements, and employment. 多数简历是按照时间顺序写的,可是通常更好地做法是掌握好技能描述业绩工作情况之间的平衡。
2. Make certain your document is error free. 2.确保简历文字准确无误
Since you are familiar with your own writing, you will "see" what you were thinking and not what is actually on the page. Do not rely on yourself to proofread your work and do not rely on spell-check. Find a friend who has strong grammar skills to check your work. 因为人们熟悉自己的文字,所以看到的是自己所想的,而不是实际写在纸上的。不要自己来检查,不要靠拼写工具检查。请一位语法很强的朋友来检查你制作好的简历。
3. Find a balance between wordiness and lack of detail. 3.的平衡
Employers need to see details about your work history and experience, but they don't need to know everything. The fact that you were den leader in your Cub Scout troop is irrelevant. Keep information germane to the goal of attaining an interview. Eliminate information that is not related and will not have a direct impact on winning the interview. 雇主们需要了解你的工作背景、经验,可并不需要了解一切。你在童子军做教练员就是无关的信息。要让简历内容能帮你争取到面试机会。删掉无关的、对赢得面试不会有直接影响的信息。
4. Do not use personal pronouns. 4.不要用人称代词
"I," "me," "my," "mine," and "our" should not be on a resume. Resumes are written in first person (implied). Example: For your prior job description, instead of writing: "I hired, trained and supervised a team of assistant managers and sales associates" you would instead state that you "Hired, trained and supervised a team of assistant managers and sales associates." Fragment sentences are perfectly acceptable on a resume and actually preferred. 我的我们的不应该出现在简历中。简历都是以(隐藏的)第一人称来书写的。例如:描述上一份工作时,不要写成我曾参与招聘、培训、管理经理助理及销售助手,而是招聘、培训、管理经理助手及销售助手。简历上出现片段句完全可以,而且在实际中会更受青睐。
5. Use numerical symbols for numbers. 5.以阿拉伯数字代替文字
While we are taught in school to spell out numbers less than ten, in resume writing, numerical symbols serve as "eye stops" and are a much better method. Instead of writing "Developed a dynamic team of eight consultants." it would be much more advantageous to state "Developed a dynamic team of 8 consultants." 虽然上学时老师教我们以下的数字都要大写,阿拉伯数字却可以吸引人们的目光、是更好的数字表示方法。不要写成建设了一只包括八名顾问,充满活力的团队,写成建设了一只包括8 名顾问,充满活力的团队会更能获得优势。
6. Think "accomplishments" rather than "job duties." 6.注重业绩而不是职责
What makes you stand out from the crowd? How did you come up with a way to do things better, more efficiently, or for less cost? What won honors for you? Information such as this is vital, will grab attention, and put your resume at the top of the list. 让你出众的是什么?怎样才能把事情做得更好、更有效率,成本更小?你因为什么赢得过荣誉? 这些是很重要的信息,会吸引目光,会让你的简历获得优先考虑。
7. Keep it positive. 7. 传递积极态度
Reasons for leaving a job and setbacks do not have a place on a resume. Employers are seeking people who can contribute and have successfully performed in the past. Concentrate on communicating these issues and avoid any detracting information. 离职的原因和过去的挫折都不该出现在简历上。雇主们要找的是过去表现成功、能做出贡献的人。集中精力传递这些信息、回避任何转移注意力的信息。
Remember, many first-time job interviews are conducted via telephone rather than in person. Make sure you are prepared for that telephone call when it arrives. And make sure you have a resume that will make the phone ring! 别忘了,有很多初试是通过电话来进行的,而不是当面。在电话来的时候要做好准备。还有,一定让自己拥有一份能让那个电话铃声响起的简历!

(China Daily September 2, 2009)

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