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另外,大家都喜欢介绍自己的学校,但是你的介绍要具体生动,不要总喜欢用什么prestigiousfamous之类的话。有的同学这样写道:I went into a Univ. which won great reputation in telecommunication and IT field in China. 什么叫great reputation,有什么具体概念吗?大家不用停留在介绍学校方面,应该通过这种介绍迅速转入一点:你受到了high qualified的教育。

最大的问题,PS不要写成流水帐,每个段落要有核心句子。比如有的同学这样写道:In the first year, I was just a discreet learner, following the teacher’s step steadily. The second year, leader’s work in student government cost most of my time, so I tried to be more efficient. 这根本就不是PS,只能算回忆录。请注意:你要把最重要的信息放在段落的开头和结尾(Put the most important sentences at the beginning and end of the paragraph. When people skim passages, they look at the first and then the last sentence. Make a good first and last impression with substantive statements. Don't begin or end on fluff.)。

第四,除非特别要求,不要写成问答式的。有很多同学这样写:First, My old dream played a key role in my decision-making. 然后一大段介绍:Second, My solid academic background,然后下面再一大段,一直到第六个My Family background。还有的同学这样写:WHY IS MATHEMATICS? WHY ME?这绝对不是PS,千千万万要避免这种回答。如同华盛顿大学PS写作要求中提到的(http://www.flytowest.com/ps/usps/wash.htmAvoid overly common phrases and nonspecific information.(避免用那些太平常的词组或者不具体的信息)。

第五,不要写为国家和社会主义做贡献之内的比较空泛的话。Besides traveling to Taiwan, realizing the importance of experiencing the real world, in the past three years, I have grasped every opportunity to travel far and observe the dynamic society and economy of China. 不要用同样的句式,比如有的同学总是喜欢用impress deeply这样的话,甚至一个段落中反复使用,要么就是不停地说intelligent。还有的就是句式雷同,Computer animation is my favorite and first choice,然后隔两句就写my primary and foremost interest lies in graphics and design。语言问题还有头重脚轻,比如Most computer majors look over this task because they consider it too easy; nonetheless, I do not agree. 实际上,语言问题还是小问题。你可以花100元钱请个认真负责的老外,找个学校的角落修改一下,一边communicate what you wish to say。实际上,关键的问题就是内容设置和结构布局。


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