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       ● 缘分 predestined relationship

       ● 无缘无故地 for no reason at all

       ● 世上没有无缘无故的爱,也没有无缘无故的恨。

       There is absolutely no such thing as love or hatred without any reason or cause.

       ● 不识庐山真面目,只缘身在此山中。

       I can't tell the true shape of Lu Shan because I myself am on the mountain.

       ● 花径不曾缘客扫。

       The garden path has never been cleared for the visit of a guest.

       ● 血缘 blood relationship

       ● 人缘 relations with people

       ● 姻缘 predestined marriage

       ● 前世因缘 predestination

       ● 天赐良缘 a godsent marriage; a good marriage arranged in Heaven

       ● 天缘巧合 a lucky coincidence

       ● 投缘的街坊们 congenial neighbors

       ● 化缘 beg for alms

       ● 有人缘 enjoy great popularity

       ● 喜结良缘 tie the nuptial knot

       ● 缔结姻缘 form marital tie

       ● 聊得投缘 talk congenially

       ● 有缘结识某人 be lucky to get acquainted with sb.

       ● 无缘结识某人 have no opportunity to get acquainted with sb.

       ● 与某人有一面之缘 happen to have met sb. once

       ● 婚姻是缘分。 A couple's conjugal fate is prearranged.

       ● 他们的结合是美满的姻缘。 Their wedlock is a happy marriage.

       ● 有缘终相逢。 Fate brings together people who are far apart.

       ● 无缘不相逢。 There is no meeting without predestination.

       ● 我与烟酒无缘。 Smoking and drinking don't appeal to me.

       ● 好事似乎与他无缘。 Good luck seemed to be wholly denied to him.

       ● 千里姻缘一线牵。

       Two beings destined to marry each other, though thousands of miles apart, are tied together with an invisible red thread by an old man under the moonlight.

       ● 他们俩有情无缘。

       They are attracted to each other but are not fated to be conjugally tied.

       ● 机缘凑巧,我找到一份工作。 As luck would have it, I found a job.

       ● 有缘千里来相会,无缘对面不相逢。

       As decreed by providence you have met him; otherwise you might have failed although you traveled a long way.

       ● 我发现班里有几个同学和我挺投缘。

       I found quite a few classmates congenial to me.

       ● 我在班里有人缘。 I am popular with my classmates.

       ● 真遗憾,我们一直无缘相见。

       It is a pity that we have no opportunity to meet each other. 


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