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Scientists present research in zoonotic disease at Expo
File photo: the Liverpool Pavilion at Shanghai World Expo 资料图:上海世博会利物浦案例馆
File photo: the Liverpool Pavilion at Shanghai World Expo
Scientists from the University of Liverpool will present research findings into the study of animal-borne human diseases at Shanghai World Expo. 来自利物浦大学的科学家们将在上海世博会展示有关人畜共患病的研究成果。
The event is part of a programme of scientific symposia and conferences being held by the University at Expo throughout August that will also cover Materials Chemistry, Urban Design, Maritime Logistics and the Green Economy, as well as Zoonotic Disease. 此次活动是利物浦大学在上海世博会举行的科学专题讨论会的一部分。整个科学专题讨论会将持续一个月,专题涵盖材料化学、城市设计、航运物流、绿色经济以及人畜共患病等领域。
Zoonoses are diseases that originate in animals but can jump species and infect humans. They comprise of approximately three quarters of all emerging and new infections in human beings. Researchers from all over the world will come together at Expo to discuss issues such as avian flu, the evolution of infectious diseases and emerging infections in China. 人畜共患病是一种起源于动物,但可以跨越物种并传染人类的疾病。大约四分之三新发现的人类传染病属于人畜共患病。届时,来自世界各地的研究人员将聚集世博会,共同讨论禽流感、传染病的演变以及中国新发传染病例等一系列话题。
Scientists will also present initial findings from the 'Fluscape' study, a £1.3 million project focusing on incidences of influenza in the Guangdong province of China. The research – a collaboration involving the University's National Centre for Zoonosis Research, the University of Hong Kong, Shantou University, Guangzhou Number 12 Hospital and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in the US – aims to investigate how the spread of pandemic and seasonal influenza is associated with contact and travel patterns of people and households and their rural-urban location. 科学家们还将展示“Fluscape”项目的初步研究成果。“Fluscape”是一项投资一千三百万英镑,着重于研究中国广东省流行性感冒发病率的科研项目。该项目由利物浦大学人畜共患病国家研究中心、香港大学、汕头大学、广州市第十二人民医院和美国约翰霍普金斯大学彭博公共卫生学院合作研发,旨在探讨流行性和季节性流感的传播与人类接触方式、旅行方式以及农村-城市位置等因素的相关性。
Initial results suggest that even after accounting for differences in age and demography, the area where people live in Guangzhou city and nearby rural areas affects which recent seasonal influenza strains they have been exposed to. This indicates that differences in influenza infections may occur at a much smaller scale than previously thought. 初步结果表明,在排除了广州市区和附近郊区年龄差异和人口差异的影响后,不同的居住地点仍对当地人口接触到何种季节性流感具有影响。这也表明流感的感染可能在小范围内就出现差异,而这范围可能远远小于我们之前的估计。
Professor Malcolm Bennett, Director of the National Centre for Zoonosis Research, said: "Zoonoses and emerging infections are major global threats to human health and wellbeing. The prediction and control of such diseases is now an international priority. Medical and veterinary scientists, as well as epidemiologists and experts in particular diseases, will discuss a range of issues, including research in food-borne zoonoses and new methods of studying the transmission and control of disease." 全球人畜共患病研究中心主任马尔科姆•贝内特教授说:“人畜共患病和新出现的传染疾病对全球人类健康存在重大威胁。预防和控制这类疾病是全球各医疗机构首先要应对的。医疗专家、兽医学家、流行病专家和特定疾病专家将共同讨论一系列疾病预防及治疗问题,包括经由食物传染的人畜共患病以及控制疾病传染的新方法。”

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