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Born To Be Wild 3D

片名:Born To Be Wild 3D
导演:大卫•里克雷(David Lickley)

旁白:摩根•弗里曼(Morgan Freeman)

主演:蓓鲁特•高尔迪卡(Birute Galdikas)
         (Daphne Sheldricke)




The Story




Born to be Wild 3D is the true story of two remarkable women: Birute Galdikas and Daphne Sheldrick, who have made it their personal mission to save orphaned orangutans and elephants. It is told through incredible scenes of love, service and affection for the babies who would otherwise die without human intervention. 3D纪录片《天生狂野》讲述了两位杰出女性——蓓鲁特•高尔迪卡和达芙妮•谢尔德里克的真实故事。影片中,她们对动物悉心照料的一幕幕充满了浓浓的爱意及怜惜之情,令人难以置信。要是没有人类的介入,那些沦为孤儿的猩猩和大象就会相继死去;于是,拯救它们的生命便成了蓓鲁特•高尔迪卡和达芙妮•谢尔德里克的个人使命。 
For decades, in Kenya, Dame Daphne Sheldrick has been rescuing baby elephants whose parents were killed by poachers. She developed a formula substitute for mother's milk and, along with a team of male keepers, created an activity and teaching program that allows the young elephants to reintegrate with the wild population. 在肯尼亚,这位名叫达芙妮•谢尔德里克的女爵士数十年如一日,救助那些因父母遭非法捕杀而沦为孤儿的小象。她调制出一种配方奶以取代母乳,还和一群男性队友们(他们都是小象的守护者)一起开设了一套活动及教学方案,从而协助这些小象重新融入野生群体。
Meanwhile, far away in the rainforests of Borneo, Canada-born primatologist Dr. Birute Galdikas and her team have been mother substitutes for hundreds of orangutans, which are eventually taken deep into the jungle to begin a more solitary adult life. 与此同时,在遥远的婆罗洲雨林中,加拿大灵长类动物学家蓓鲁特•高尔迪卡博士和她的团队也正在为众多猩猩担当着母亲的职责。这些猩猩长大后,最终还是会被放归到丛林深处,开始它们自己更加独立的生活。
Seeing the interaction of the women and the dedicated keepers who adopt the babies and train them is heart-touching to anyone who values life and animals. The focus of their mission isn't to place the animals in zoos or circus acts, but to train them to one day rejoin the wild inside wildlife preserves. 这些女性及无私奉献的守护者们领养动物孤儿,并对它们进行训练——他们之间的种种互动无不震撼着那些珍爱生命及动物的人们的心灵。他们的使命不是要把这些动物引进动物园,更不是为了马戏表演,而是要通过训练,期待它们某一天能重返野生动物保护区,回归大自然的怀抱。
The baby orangutans are adorable, as are the baby elephants who rely on older orphaned elephants to naturally foster the younger ones until they can join the wild. 跟小猩猩一样,小象们也很可爱。那些失去双亲、稍大一些的象天生就会照料小象;小象们对它们很依赖,直到自己能回归自然为止。
While the subject matter might seem heavy, Director Davis Lickley avoids showing violent scenes of death or mutilation, allowing Narrator Morgan Freeman to mention in passing some of the hardships suffered from ivory hunters (in the case of the elephants) or loggers and farmers (who wipe out the rain forests of the orangutans).



(China.org.cn Wendy 译)

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