People enjoy the Lantern Festival tradition

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The tradition of a "temple fair" (Miao Hui) began as groups of vendors who did business near Buddhist and Taoist temples when many pilgrims came to pay tribute to the gods during traditional festivals.

Temple Fairs Dates Venues Admission

Ditan Temple Fair 

Feb. 6--13

Ditan Park 

10 yuan

Longtan Temple Fair 

Feb. 6--13 

Longtan Lake Park 

10 yuan   

Dongyue Temple Fair 

Feb. 6-- 12

Dongyue Temple 

 10 yuan   

Baiyunguan Temple Fair 

Feb. 7-- 12

Baiyun Taoist Temple 

 10 yuan

Changdian Temple Fair 

Feb. 7--12

Liulichang Street 


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Mài kè: Chūn jié dào le. Zhè shì wǒ zài zhōng guó guò de dì yī gè chūn jié.
Mike:Spring Festival's here. It will be the first time I'm celebrating it in China.
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