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You and the Olympics

Ping-pong ace returns home to roaring welcome
As an eight-time world champion and former ambassador for Sino-Japanese "ping-pong diplomacy" in the late 1970s and early '80s, Guo Yuehua is used to being greeted by cheering crowds.
Dream comes true
Bobby Tam has everything he wants: this forty something Chinese American from Boston has a great job working in an executive position for Air China; he's tall, handsome, and fit; he's engaged to a lovely young Chengdu woman who is mad about him -- and he has a ticket to the 2008 Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony.
Olympic volunteers make history
Against the backdrop of the approaching Beijing Olympic Games, volunteers have become one of the most visible signs of Olympic activity in Beijing and other co-host cities. They can be found wherever and whenever their help is needed. With their smiling faces and high-quality services, they are writing a new page in Chinese history.
Deirdre Smyth: passing on the flame of hope
"I have been to 30 countries and I keep in touch with the local people I met. I try to encourage breast cancer sufferers to have regular physical examinations and stay strong." For Deirdre Smyth, one of eight foreign torchbearers chosen by Olympic sponsor Lenovo to run in the Beijing leg of the 2008 Torch Relay, it is a once-in-a-life-time opportunity to pass on the flame of hope.
German architect: China a promising land for world architects
Andreas Luka, a German architect in his early 40s, has worked in landscape design for over 20 years. Three years ago his employer, German company Rainer Schmidt Landscape Architects of Kassel, sent him to Beijing to open a local office in support of the company's participation in several of the competitions related to landscape design for the Beijing Olympics.
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