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You and the Olympics

Priestess predicts best Olympics ever
Artemis Ignatiou, official choreographer for the Beijing Olympic Games lighting ceremony, expects the Beijing Olympics to be the best ever.
He loves China, believes in peace
He has been in love with China for 37 years. And he has seen its rapid growth during the past three decades.
Sweating it out a Mascot's burden
Dressing up as an Olympic mascot certainly boosts your popularity.
Deng the ping-pong diplomat
Deng Yaping is the new face of "ping-pong diplomacy". The former table tennis champion has become a sporting ambassador for China and is deputy director of the Olympic Village's organizing committee.
Quake-affected boy enjoys 'Olympic Tour'
Li Pan, 14, smiled looking at the city of Beijing from his hotel room on Wednesday. It may be the most exciting moment for the little boy with hearing handicap after the deadly Wenchuan earthquake.
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