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You and the Olympics

Beijing in transition
Beijing has steadily geared up to play host to the upcoming Olympics. With approximately 100 days to go, the city is still working hard to put on the best Olympics ever. Yet Beijing still faces gnawing issues ranging from air quality and congested traffic to unpleasant public toilets and public manners.
Overseas teachers celebrate 100-day countdown to Olympics
As China celebrates the start of the 100-day buildup to the Olympics, met overseas teachers and students who are preparing for the Games in their own special way. On April 27 the group performed without a hitch.
Tough life and pride of Olympic construction worker
Zhang Shuanzhu is a powerfully built construction worker on the site of Beijing's National Stadium, the Bird's Nest. He spoke to a reporter from about his working conditions and his pride in his achievements.
Beijing landlords cash in on Olympics
If previous Olympics are anything to go by, apartment rentals in Beijing can be expected to go up by three or four times, in some cases by as much as 10 times during the Games. Many Beijing landlords are licking their lips at the prospect.
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