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You and the Olympics

Liu Xianghui pedals his grandma all the way to Beijing from hometown in Hunan Province. Grandma in tricycle for the Games
A 98 years’ old grandma in a caravan tricycle appeared in Xuanwu District, Beijing Wednesday. Her grandson pedaled her all the way from their home in Hunan to Beijing. They are in Beijing to realize their Olympic dream
Beijing's centenarian Olympic volunteer proud to see Games Beijing's centenarian Olympic volunteer proud to see Games
If the Beijing Olympic Games have left a mark on Fu Yiquan, it is his weak hearing.
Volunteer Li Jiating: Olympics means a lot to me
Li Jiating is a girl from an ordinary background in Shanghai. She was lucky enough to get through the fierce competition to become an Olympic volunteer at the Shanghai Olympic Hotel. had the opportunity to interview her in person.
An NOC assistant's most exciting events Working for US Olympic Team
Fei Ye shares her experiences as an NOC assistant  in the Olympic Village.
Beijing's Hutong
As an Olympics Volunteer, I have the amazing opportunity to come to Beijing, China for the first time and see how this city adapts to being on the world stage.
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