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You and the Olympics

Dashan: To embrace the Beijing Olympics like a fellow Chinese
Dashan has been a familiar face to the average Chinese for many years now. 
a pair of 19-year-old twins named Li Ziye and Li Xiaoye. College beauties leave boot camp to be Olympic hostesses
Training of the 337 would-be hostesses for the Olympic victory ceremonies will end on Saturday, when the Chinese college beauties graduate from boot camp.
The Olympic spirit
I have rarely seen a country filled with people of such commitment and energy as China, particularly when it comes to making the Olympic Games a success. This has overflowed into a deep appreciation of my role as a volunteer from the Chinese people.
An NOC assistant's most exciting events
Fei Ye shares her experiences as an NOC assistant  in the Olympic Village.
Qin's Olympic business road
On July 16 entrepreneur Qin Lihuan sat down with to talk about quitting her day job in Hong Kong to establish her online business,
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