'Economic quantum state' is the bank for global economic recovery mire

By CCIEE research team
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CCIEE (China Center for International Economic Exchanges) postdoctors "economic quantum entanglement" research team

The global financial crisis past over eight years, the world economy is still recovering difficultly and the outlook is uncertain. To cope with the challenges of the current world economy, to promote the strong, sustainable, balanced and inclusive growth of the world economy, the economic system, industrial system and financial system that supported by science and technology, need to completely change. To reach the "quantum entanglement" in the world economy and mapping "economic quantum entanglement" with understanding state, development state, innovation state, reform state, balance state, global economy would complete recovery and back to prosperous, that is "economic quantum state".

Science and technology are the primary productive force, which is the independent variable. Quantum science and technology are generally applicable in nature world, human society, Economic society, and the high speed, micro scope phenomenon. Quantum mechanics is one of the basic theories of modern physics. In modern science and technology development, including surface physics, semiconductor physics, condensed matter physics, particle physics, low temperature superconducting physics, quantum chemistry and molecular biology, Quantum mechanics has important theoretical significance. The generation and development of quantum mechanics indicate that human understanding of nature has realized the great leap from the macro world to the micro world, and it is also a powerful weapon for human to understand and transform the world.


Uncertainty is the basic attribute about risk management of the subjective world and the objective world, which is different in the basic meaning between Newton science and technology system and Quantum Science and technology system. First of all, the concept of risk management in economics refers to the economic subject does not know the distribution range and the state of the future economic situation (especially the income and loss). In quantum system of science and technology, uncertainty refers to uncertainty on measuring. Because under certain conditions, some mechanical quantities only in its Eigen states, demonstrated the value is discrete. Therefore take the measurement at different time, it is possible to obtain different values, there are uncertain values. That is to say, when you measure it, may have value 1 or value 2, the value obtained is uncertain. The exact value can be obtained only if it is measured on the intrinsic state of this mechanical quantity.

Uncertainty of the Britain exiting from the EU. Many European scholars believe that the three models may be selected: Firstly, the Norway model. Norway is not a member of the European Union, but it is a member of the European Economic Area (EEA). As a member of the EEA, Norway and the EU signed a free trade agreement, which makes the trade between Norway and the EU can be exempted from customs duties. And because Norway is in Schengen area, so the population free movement with the EU has been the norm. In addition, Norway is a member of the European unified market; need to follow the policy and regulation of the unified market. Secondly, the Swiss model. Switzerland is not a member of the EEA. Based on a series of bilateral agreements with the European Union, Switzerland participates in the European unified market. In the unified market, the Swiss must also follow the EU's regulation. In addition, the Swiss also allows free movement of the labor force. But there is no Service free trade agreement between Switzerland and the European Union; this is very unfavorable for the British well-known service industry. Thirdly, the WTO model. If the UK is completely out of the EU, WTO rules would be used for their trade, WTO's most-favored-nation tariff would be used. Compared with the Norway model and the Swiss model, WTO model would make it clear that the British trade with the EU faces higher tariff barriers; and as a non EU economy, Britain will face on many non-tariff barriers such as border control, different technical standards and environmental standards, quotas limitation etc... This is the "economic quantum entanglement" phenomenon, caused by uncertainty. It is Urgent need to transfer to the economic quantum state".

Therefore, in the human society uncertainty is intrinsic (which is guaranteed by the Heisenberg uncertainty principle). In the quantum science system, the microscopic physics is neither wave nor particle. The real entity is quantum state. The real state is decomposed into implicit state and explicit state, which is caused by the measurement of Newton's science and technology system. In Newton system, only explicit state follows classical physics. The reality of the microscopic system is also shown in its non separable continuity. Quantum science and technology system to study the object and its environment as a whole system, it is not allowed to regard the world separately, nor the composition of independent parts. Scientific experimental result of the distant particle correlation, quantitative support to the quantum state cannot be separated.

Uncertainty and quantum state

In Newton science and technology system, a particle can be described precisely through its position and momentum. If know the acceleration at the same time, could even predict the particle's position and momentum at any moment, so as to describe the movement track. In quantum science and technology system, uncertainty tells us that if we want to more accurately result on measuring the particle's position, then the measured momentum is even less accurate. That is to say, at the same time, it is impossible to accurately measure the position and momentum of a particle, so it is impossible to describe the particle motion with the movement track. This is the quantum explanation of the uncertainty principle.

The Britain exiting from the EU is another example. In June, International Monetary Fund (IMF) assessed the economic consequences of Britain's exiting. If choose the EEA model, the GBP will depreciate by 5%. Compared with stay in EU, from 2016 to 2021, the UK's actual GDP loss will be 0.2%, 1%, 1.3%, 1.4%, 1.4%, and 1.4% respectively. Under WTO mode, the GBP will depreciate by 15%, compared with stay in EU, from 2016 to 2021, the UK's actual GDP loss will be 0.8%, 3.7%, 5.2%, 5.6%, 5.2%, 4.5%. In all industries, the UK's financial sector and the high value-added manufacturing sector are taking the biggest hits.

Therefore, in the uncertainty of global economy recovery, economic quantum state indicates the uncertainty caused by lack of inherent power. This power is needed to get rid of economic crisis and to lead economy back to recovery and prosperity, which is quantum technology power, which conforms to the understandings of global economists on economic recovery. In this way, the economic quantum entanglement state is more with the market economy property, the industry format supported by traditional Newton system of science and technology need to transfer or leap to the system of quantum science and technology, overlap and grow to economic quantum state supported by quantum science and technology system in various industrial field, realize the bright future of mankind!

Achieve to the comprehensive recovery and prosperity

For example: if Brexit, the European Union and the world's capital markets will be significantly affected. "Economic Quantum entanglement" phenomenon will appear that rate of supporting British-exit was sharp rise and beyond the rate of supporting British-stay. Led to a sharp devaluation of the GBP and sharp deterioration of global risk appetite, the stock market in each developed economies fluctuate wildly. In the domestic market, Brexit impact stock market and bond market through bad Appetite for risk; on the other hand, Brexit will also make GBP and euro depreciated, US dollar rose, RMB exchange rate under pressure, the market interest rates facing impact of capital outflows. In terms of monetary policy, in order to hedge capital outflows and afford the economy downward pressure, it can be expected that both the euro zone and the UK will take a more relaxed monetary policy. "Economic Quantum entanglement" phenomenon is showing the risk of global financial markets intensified, the Fed's monetary policy will be more cautious; at the same time, in view of the dollar hedging demand would rise significantly, there would be a short term dollar shortage, also need to strong currency swap between central banks and the Fed's. China also has the potential to reduce the rate of interest rates, to ensure the appropriate liquidity and interest rates.

Affected by the global economy, global economic policies have differentiation and huge uncertainty. It is generally believed that China social economy followed a "L" type of growth, under the decline in investment, the real estate bubble expansion and policy stability and other major uncertain factors, China GDP data for the third quarter growth by 6.7% year-on-year, unchanged from the lowest level since the beginning of 2009, Chinese economic growth is slowing but not stall. Out of the ‘economic quantum entanglement' to achieve ‘economic quantum state', focuses on increasing the representativeness and voice of emerging market countries and developing countries, evenly reflects the wills and benefits of most countries.

It is encouraging that China successfully launched the world's first quantum satellite, a major breakthrough in Quantum Science and technology system, opened the door to solve the ‘economic quantum entanglement'. The reform and innovation achievements in the field of quantum science and technology, promote the "The Belt and Road" and "innovation driven development" two national level strategic plan, through deepening the reform in the supply side, the release of new economic vitality, cultivate new economic energy; accelerate the implementation of innovation driven strategy, innovation drive and lead the future economic development; strengthen the macroeconomic policy coordination and expectation management; stimulate huge potential and vigor of private investment to deal to domestic and international economic difficulties, and make great achievements. In the G20 Hangzhou summit, the Main theme is ‘construction of Innovative, Invigorated, Interconnected, Inclusive innovative', China provides ideas for the world economy out of the current predicament, provides Chinese planning to deepen international economic cooperation, proposed China scheme to solve fundamental problem in promoting world economic growth.

At present and in the period of future, to build ‘economic quantum state' is the point of global economic recovery, which is needed to fit for the system of quantum science and technology, includes quantum science, quantum technology, Quantum Engineering, quantum industry, Quantum Finance, quantum society, quantum culture, etc. The comprehensive global industries' transformation from Newton science and technology system to quantum science and technology system, is to achieve sustained global economic recovery and prosperity, to create a new pattern of global governance with scientific, fair and efficient property. To create a new pattern of Global trade and investment with open and transparent property, to create a new pattern of bilateral multilateral trade, all based on quantum science and technology system. In order to reach the ‘economic quantum state' on Global trade and investment, cultural exchanges, climate change, currency and finance, all involved in the win-win cooperation, that is 'economic quantum state'. To create a new pattern of global energy management with green low carbon, promote the global green development cooperation. To create a new pattern of global governance with tolerance and link, enjoy the global 'economic quantum state', constructs human's happiness home in the era of quantum science.


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