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Editor's Pick
China is not the US enemy, the virus is
The next few months before the U.S. presidential election on November 3 will be a high-risk period for Sino-U.S. relations as Donald Trump will do anything to win his reelection. The possibility of the Trump administration resorting to military conflict against China can't be ruled out.
Post-COVID-19 global economy calls for responsibility
There is little good that can come out of the tragedy of a pandemic, but if there is even a hint of a silver lining, it is that we have come to value what is truly essential in our societies.
Do tutorial schools help promote educational revolution?
Coding education is a new field that could revolutionize China's formal education system. However, this is currently being piloted largely by private companies, which is raising some concern among educators.
China's continued opening up an effort to boost globalization
With the world economy falling into recession once again under the economic impact of COVID-19, China, as the world's second largest economy, has continued to promote a higher level of opening up, becoming the main source of the recovery of the world economy once again.
US provocations can't buck the trend of peace and cooperation in the South China Sea
The U.S. has been creating tension for its own benefit in the South China Sea in recent months. However, it will not buck the general trend of close cooperation among regional countries.
The Civil Code offers strong new data protection rules
The Civil Code is a landmark piece of legislation that provides strong protection for personal information.
US bias on China's maritime claims in South China Sea
The recent U.S. policy statement on the conflicting claims among South China Sea littoral countries is merely part of the American attempt to contain China and is without any merit.
British response to HK national security law 'hypocritical'
Instead of hypocritically condemning the Chinese authorities for taking the necessary steps to safeguard national security, the British government would do better to end Britain's long record of interference in Chinese affairs.
Deeper cooperation with China has helped Africa gain valuable assets for future development
In an interview with ChinAfrica, Moustapha Kassé, Honorary Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management of Dakar University, gives his views on the current situation and how the world is changing.
COVID-19: What now for foreign students?
Some American universities are rightly challenging the Trump Administration's policy barring many foreign students staying in the U.S. if their courses remain purely online during the COVID-19 epidemic.
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