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Editor's Pick
A new stage of urbanization: A look at China Integrated City Index 2019
The tasks of promoting urbanization, improving the spatial pattern for urbanization and strengthening management of urban planning and construction laid out in China's 11th Five-Year Plan have been completed, ushering in a new stage of China's urbanization with new goals and tasks.
Intensive efforts to address climate change
The ongoing green and low-carbon transition in China is unprecedented in human history and will require China to do more than what has previously been done by developed countries.
China's robust foreign trade upshot of opening up efforts
China's continued opening up efforts have become the main driving force to boost its foreign trade and overall economic development.
China's green energy initiative
Keeping in mind the dynamic international political and economic environment and changing climate with each passing day threatening the planet, China is playing a constructive role, so the global community must work together for a shared prosperous and secure future.
Looking deeper – China's 14th Five-Year Plan can be game-changer for our world
China's 14th Five-Year Plan is forward-thinking. Chinese citizens know they have a bright future ahead. The rest of the world can join them on the path to peace and prosperity.
Anti-Asian racism and US-China relations
When such mutual understanding and mutual respect disappear, it will be difficult to restore and consolidate U.S.-China relations. Obviously, combating racism not only serves America's own national interests but also helps repair U.S.-China relations.
Anti-Asian Hate did not begin with Trump
To beat back anti-Asian hate, a strong, visible and proud Asian community that can feature its diversity of rich cultures and languages must be allowed to flourish without the fear of intimidation, assault or murder. And it is up to the rest of us to stand up and defend it.
Silk road for health
China's development of a number of healthcare hubs in other Belt and Road Initiative participants is a solid starting point for further collaboration.
BFA is bound to play a more crucial role in safeguarding globalization
Given the impact of the pandemic on the global economy, the primary task of this year's BFA annual conference is to help countries build a consensus on development and reshape growth confidence for the post-pandemic era.
Getting ready to invest abroad
He Zhenwei, Secretary General of the China Overseas Development Association shares his observations on the development of China's OFDI.
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