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Editor's Pick
​Nepal sees stability under South Asia's largest communist party
Now Nepal has a new identity, as its communists have proved that they can rise to power through elections and pursue reforms essential for creating a welfare state.
​PM Modi 'corrects course' to mend ties with Nepal
Indian PM Narendra Modi, during his recent two-day visit to Nepal, has committed to respecting Nepal's territorial integrity and sovereignty.
​Europe should no longer follow the US' lead
Europeans have a great opportunity to take the first step on their new path and offer a new alternative multipolar world order based on international law.
Marx's birth bicentenary: Xi leads the way
As President Xi said, Marxism is an open-ended scientific theory and has the ability to reinvent itself.
China's 40 years of reforms and opening-up offer lesson to India
India is a great country but it has a lot to learn from China's approach to economic reform and policy action.
China's expanding trade: Impact of exports since the '80s
In the 1980 and '90s, China became a major world manufacturing hub, with thousands of foreign partners discovering lucrative export opportunities.
​Tech unicorns and socialist innovation in China
China's Tech Unicorns show that there is not only one way to successfully govern a country.
40 years later: Toward a new era of political and economic realism
This article takes a look at how existing political and economic paradigms are changing and how these changes are elevating Asia from second-class status to an equal partner in geopolitical affairs.
Analysis: Xi-Modi meeting bears positive implications for Nepal
Following a recent meeting between the leaders of China and India, Nepal can expect to benefit significantly more from its two neighbors' cooperation than their confrontation.
Modi-Xi informal meeting to boost confidence
The Modi-Xi meeting has reinvigorated the mechanisms of engagement for the development of Sino-Indian relations.
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