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Editor's Pick
Misperception undermines China-US confidence building
Facing profound changes unseen in a century, China and the U.S. should join hands to overcome extraordinary obstacles to provide the world with more opportunities.
Climate justice for our patients
The difference between 1.5°C and 2°C or even 2.7°C global warming by 2030, as projected last year by the UN Environment Program, is life-threatening, and for many people around the world means a dire outlook in an already harsh situation.
China is well placed to combat climate change
The world has already begun to reap the benefits of China's ambitious climate goals.
CIIE to balance Sino-African trade
CIIE has provided fast-growing economies like Kenya an opportunity to explore export opportunities in the Chinese market.
Closer ties expected under Lula
The relationship between China and Brazil is expected to go upward after Lula's returning to office. The two countries are likely to see closer cooperation in global governance, economy and trade.
​BRI aids a global transition to a low-carbon economy
China has shown determination to promote sustainable development for the sake of striving for a more comprehensive and balanced trajectory.
Call for wetlands to be prized and protected
Maintaining a fine balance between human habitats and the biophysical environment is of critical significance to meeting many of the existential challenges facing humanity.
A new paradigm of building modern society
The CPC's policies are deeply rooted in Chinese society and are aimed at benefiting all people.
Nation's modernization both challenging and significant
The successful convening of the 20th CPC National Congress marks the beginning of the next stage of China's journey as it strives to become a modern socialist country in all respects.
The moral alternative: Building a community with a shared future for mankind
Poverty results from the moral bankruptcy of the global financial system. It can only be addressed by pursuing China's goal "to make global governance fairer and more equitable."
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