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Editor's Pick
Japanese PM faces cabinet resignation threat amid declining support
The fundamental reason for the continuous decline in support for Kishida lies in his mistakes in domestic affairs, livelihoods, and security. Therefore, Kishida and his cabinet need to prioritize the needs and opinions of the Japanese people and formulate policies that align with the fundamental interests of the people and the long-term development of society.
UHC targets overlook most vulnerable
The current U.N. Universal Health Coverage (UHC) goals fall short, neglecting the needs of society's most at-risk individuals.
​BRI promotes global development through win-win cooperation
Marking a decade, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) stands as a beacon of global partnership, catalyzing shared growth and championing cooperative achievements across continents.
Counterbalance or copycat?
Given the U.S. has made too many empty promises about global governance in recent years, the IMEC's "balancing" ideology perhaps actually deepen the divide instead of bridging it.
Chinese vision to help tackle global challenges
Despite a massive vilification campaign led by certain Western forces against it, China has signed cooperation documents on the BRI with more than 150 countries and more than 30 international organizations, which represent a healthy certificate of the initiative's performance.
Export controls targeting China doomed to fail
Washington's attempted controls on exports of technologies to China will only function as a spur to the determination and enthusiasm of China to develop the core technologies on its own. Engagement would better benefit the U.S., and China, as well as the world at large.
Our summer pests risk becoming year-round pests
As the climate warms, tropical diseases are now sweeping across Europe and Sweden. Our leaders must wake up and realize that these diseases are no longer a distant threat.
New York faces a 'fiscal tsunami' as immigrants arrive in droves
The difference between the two parties on immigration is driven by political interests. With increasing political polarization in the U.S., there seems to be no clear solution to the immigration crisis.
Building 'small yard, high fence' will eventually backfire on US
Facts have proven and will continue to prove that America's descending "technological iron curtain" and "small yard, high fence" approach cannot uphold its technological hegemony. Those who disrupt global sci-tech cooperation and undermine industrial and supply chains will ultimately suffer the consequences of their actions.
The expansion of BRICS and the new world order
The expansion of BRICS to eleven members will advance the process of building a community with a shared future for mankind.
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