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Editor's Pick
China's economy will always be a powerful engine of global growth
Despite facing some cyclical and structural challenges, China's economy remains dynamic and resilient, and it continues to be a powerful engine of global growth.
From desert to oasis
The journey of Wuwei towards sustainable agricultural development is nothing short of inspiring. It serves as a beacon of hope for other arid regions around the world like Burundi, demonstrating that with the right mix of innovation, research and determination, even the harshest landscapes can bloom and thrive.
Humanitarian crisis in Gaza exposes Western double standard on human rights
The world is witnessing not only a harrowing scale of human suffering, but also the ugly truth of Western double standards regarding human rights.
A flagship project in Uganda under the BRI brings power to locals
Beyond doubt the elevation of China-Uganda relations will bring more development opportunities to Ugandans, as well as to the whole African region.
Consumption upgrade boosts new productive forces
New productive forces, grounded in cutting-edge technologies and emerging industries, serve as a novel force driving output.
Has Biden made peace with TikTok?
Interaction between young people is less influenced by political barriers and other mainstream social media in the United States.
Young talents key to science, tech innovation
In order to ensure young talents realize their full potential, the authorities need to build a mechanism that values innovations and outstanding research work, so as to allow young talents in the early stages of their careers to not worry about livelihood issues and concentrate on their research, better tap their potential and serve the country.
The Global Security Initiative -- China's way forward in a turbulent world
At the 60th MSC held not long ago, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi explained in detail what the GSI means for the world and how China seeks to be a force for stability in this turbulent world.
Security meeting shows Western leaders no honest peace-brokers
Ending the conflicts and restoring lasting peace between Russia and Ukraine, and Israel and Palestine, call for honest peace-brokers, but most Western leaders proved themselves again at the MSC to be totally incapable of playing such a role.
Spring Festival gala showcases Xinjiang's prosperity
In previous years, only Uygur music and dances were included in the Spring Festival Gala. But this year, for the first time in 40 years, part of the Spring Festival Gala was filmed in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region. That Chunwan was filmed in Xinjiang is a historic event in itself.
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