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Editor's Pick
Roe v. Wade decision: The ending is not the end
The U.S. Supreme Court abortion reversal raises a moral question. Did Americans miss the best timing to change this jurisprudence? Does the change outweigh the social consequences of not changing it at all?
What Shakespeare can teach us about China-EU relations
Although Shakespeare is most known for his contributions to the English language, his works also reveal important insights into human nature that can offer guidance in China-EU relations.
China's efforts in World Heritage Sites conservation
China has made great endeavors to maintain and strengthen local characteristics to protect its cultural civilization for the benefit of both the current and future generations.
China capable of coordinating COVID control with development
In coordinating epidemic prevention and control with economic and social development, China has gathered more confidence and experience, and its hard work has paid off.
To add or not to add?
The current inflation really puts the U.S. government to the test: Will it lift tariffs on Chinese goods for the good of its own people and economic development, or will it stick to the tariffs regardless of its population's plight?
New initiative on the horizon
Amid the growing existential threats compounded with the increasingly vulnerability to military clashes, any hegemonic moves to maintain one's geopolitical primacy at the expense of global peace and solidarity are nothing but despicable moves that deserve global disdain.
Breaking the ice to warm relations
More bridges are needed to connect China to the world, fostering dialogue and mutual understanding.
Uncle Sam's new vanguard
What matters most in the Asia-Pacific region and in the world as a whole is peace, growth and development, rather than confrontation, war or a revisit to a cold war.
China-Brazil relationship: Steady does it
China and Brazil have maintained a relatively steady relationship since establishing diplomatic ties in 1974. Almost five decades of frequent high-level exchanges and broadened cooperation prove the two countries can overcome any ideological or political differences to reach equally helpful results.
A new stage for vocational education
China's newly revised Vocational Education Law took effect on May 1 in the hope of promoting high-quality development of the country's vocational education sector.
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