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US infrastructure drive won't be as easy as it looks
On paper, President Joe Biden's vision of a $2 billion infrastructure construction program to rekindle American domestic competitiveness looks good. However, politics dictate it won't be easy to achieve.
Striving for the vision of digital transformation
Huawei has responded with vision, energy and prudence to unfair efforts by the U.S. government to try and cripple its business.
China's foreign policy is rooted in non-alignment
The legacy of the Non-Aligned Movement continues to live on in China's worldview, and this must be understood before ideas of a new cold war or systematic challenges to the country are hyped up.
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Hainan: A new model of sustainable development

By Mathew Wong

In order to help ensure long-term productivity and competitiveness, China's island province of Hainan is currently re-establishing itself as a global center of innovation and technology.

Thoughts from the China Development Forum

Participants at this year's China Development Forum, an annual event hosted by the Development Research Center of the State Council, have reflected on 2020, and also on the opportunities 2021 will bring, particularly in China.

Messages from the China-US engagement in Anchorage

By An Gang

The Anchorage meeting did not bridge bilateral differences overnight. But the communication helped in showing the issues that carry the risk of conflict and need to be controlled, as well as the common concerns where they can seek common ground while shelving differences.

Green development and ecological progress are the focus of the modernization drive

The national voluntary tree-planting campaign has become an important way for the Chinese to promote the concept of ecological progress, boosting common understanding and joint efforts.

Policies must ensure accessibility and affordability for all

By Zha Daojiong

The provision of COVID-19 vaccines as a global public good requires inputs by all.

China-US relations: Towards cooperation or conflict?

By Jamie Leigh Wright

The high-level talks in Alaska revealed the ongoing schism present in the China-U.S. relationship. It also offered a rare insight into the competing narratives and markedly different foreign policy agendas of each side.


Striving for a green future

By Sajjad Malik

China has been striving for its vision of sustainability based on the philosophy of green development. With all its endeavors, the green future is not a pipe dream for the country but a reality.

The intertwined problems behind mass shootings in US

By Mitchell Blatt

The problems of violence in the U.S. can be classified in many ways, analyzed using multiple frameworks and endlessly argued about – however, all of them are connected with each other.

Why understanding Chinese foreign policy matters

By George N. Tzogopoulos

The more China grows, the more its significance in the global arena rises. The analysis of Chinese foreign policy is a necessary prerequisite to better understand international relations.

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'Bizarre' Sanxingdui Ruins: A tale of cultural integration

Over the past few days, a half-faced gold mask has caused a sensation. It has sparked creativity among China's internet users and spawned a wide range of popular memes.