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Sajjad Malik
标题图片 Dr Sajjad Malik (Twitter: @SajjadMalik) is an academic, journalist, columnist and researcher based in Pakistan, South Asia. He has a PhD in Peace and Conflict Studies. He specializes in "Role of Media in Peace and Conflict". He has also an abiding interest in regional affairs, global politics, extremism/militancy and local Pakistan issues.
2017 October 17
Trumping the Iran nuclear deal
Donald Trump is embarked on a dangerous path of unilateralism that could have severe consequences unless other powers remain resolute.
2017 October 13
Saudi Arabia on weapons buying spree
Amid declining influence and setbacks, Saudi Arabia is vastly increasing its military arsenal.
2017 September 30
Saudi Arabia's 'glasnost' moment
Ground-breaking social reforms in Saudi Arabia, especially those liberating the female half of the population, offer a possible model for other conservative Muslim societies.
2017 September 27
Merkel's victory and challenges
As expected, Angela Merkel duly won her fourth term as German Chancellor. However, without a majority, she faces many challenges, although her past toughness suggests she can cope.
2017 September 25
The long and short of Kurdish referendum
The Kurdish referendum in Iraq as a precursor of full independence is a dangerous move that could lead to great regional instability.
2017 September 22
Trump UN speech: An analysis
President Donald Trump's debut address at the annual session of the United Nations General Assembly is an odd mix of support for fiery nationalism and bellicose language.
2017 September 19
London attack and the ongoing fight against terrorism
London suffered another traumatic attack in 2017 when a home-made bomb exploded in an underground train carriage over the weekend. Luckily the city was spared of any major devastation; several people were injured but none seriously.
2017 September 18
How to address the Rohingya issue
Ms. Suu Kyi will be treading a fine line to pacify both the domestic and international concerns but must implement the Anan Commission report.
2017 September 2
BRICS and Xi's vision for 'brighter future'
A BRICS Business Forum this Sunday will give President Xi Jinping a chance to highlight the concerns of developing nations in creating a more equitable trade regime.
2017 August 29
Trump's Afghan strategy and Pakistan
Trump's new policy for Afghanistan has no end date for the war, either in terms of a timetable or through an effective strategy.
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