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George N. Tzogopoulos
EU-Japan free trade pact not yet a done deal
Although the EU and Japan have announced the signing of a free trade agreement, there’s still much to be done to get it operational.
After Xi’s visit in Germany
Hamburg G20 summit different from previous ones
The Sino-American security dialogue
Shastri Ramachandaran
Northeast revival key test of supply-side reform
China's northeast, home to the old industrial bases for long, is on the brink of a major economic transformation.
Trump inaugural brings many fears, few cheers
Davos awaits Xi's pitch on responsive leadership
Premier Li keeps economy on course
Eugene Clark
Cooperatives' role in promoting economic development
Cooperatives exist across most sectors of the economy and promote entrepreneurship, democratization, and building of communities.
A decade with iPhone: Thoughts on its impact
Using technology to overcome access to justice barriers
World Refugee Day an important reminder of our duty to care for others
John Ross
China's GDP data destroy ‘hard landing' myth again
China continues to confound those doomsayers in the Western media predicting the collapse of its economy.
British election fiasco reflects Western political disarray
The B&R's regional growth potential is world's greatest
What the world is watching at the Xi-Trump summit
Dan Steinbock
US steel policy may trigger a global trade conflict
As the White House seeks to turn steel imports into a national security matter, the issue is alienating not only China but also the United States' NATO allies.
Why jobs growth no longer induces wage growth
US-China trade amid America's new uncertainty
'Buying American' and losing America
Jin Liangxiang
Why China's role is not very visible in the Middle East
China's consistent policy of maintaining a low profile in the Middle East shouldn't take away from the country's efforts in the region.
Iran's entry should enhance SCO's role
China's role in African security issues
The nature of the Saudi-Iran conflict
Tim Collard
Triumphal progress marked on 20th anniversary of HK's return to China
The 20th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to China is a good opportunity to reflect on the many achievements in the past two decades.
Could China and Russia hold the key to the Korean conundrum?
Li Keqiang meets EU leaders at a crucial juncture of global re-alignment
Beijing 'Belt and Road' Forum -- putting flesh on the bones
Heiko Khoo
British government in chaos as Corbyn mobilizes youth
British politics has been turned on its head by last week's election result, opening the way for socialist government.
Kensington horror ignites a revolutionary mood
British election: Will Corbyn steal the show?
Trump's bizarre budget
Niranjan Sahoo
Why climate change dominates Hamburg G20 summit
The upcoming meeting of G20 offers a real chance to renew the global action against climate change and arrest any slide triggered by President Donald Trump’s sudden pull out from the Paris Accord.
India unveils a game changing tax law
Importance of Astana SCO Summit
Why the game is on: Paris climate deal
Richard de Grijs
Continuing allegations of research misconduct require system reform
Chinese science is once again in the spotlight for the wrong reasons; system reform from a focus on quantity to emphasis on research quality may be the solution.
National Space Day aims to inspire the next generation
Migrant children miss out on school coverage
Chinese government strongly supports high-level expert advice
Zhang Lijuan
Promote trade for shared prosperity
President Richard Nixon asked three straightforward questions: What do they (China) want? What do we (U.S.) want? And what do we both want? These questions require new answers.
Tougher trade policy does little for job creation
G20 for global economic governance
Make America's trade policy toward China sustainable
Shen Dingli
The uneven story of US-Japan relations
Despite his campaign rhetoric, Trump seems to be learning the rules of the game, and is likely to manage a delicate trilateral relationship with China and Japan.
Trump right to reaffirm US' commitment to one China
Trump's policies divide US, allies
One-China policy is nonnegotiable
Sumantra Maitra
Sino-UK aspirations, lament of liberal ideologues: What was learnt from G20
The recent G20 summit Hamburg didn’t achieve much, but it at least showed that multi-polarity is steadily replacing the old American unipolar model in world affairs.
Is a Sino-German economic order imminent?
Three things to watch out for at the G20
After ISIS, the real battle will start
Mitchell Blatt
Macron tackles thorny issue of seeking labor reform
Facing high unemployment rates, French President Emmanuel Macron is seeking significant reforms in the labor system, despite the failure of his predecessors.
Indonesian verdict threat to diversity
A new president and new opportunities in Korea
What's the deal with US foreign policy lately?
Sajjad Malik
US calibrated provocation to China
In the long tradition of "watch my actions, not my words," Donald Trump is again proving that any lowering of his anti-China rhetoric is only skin deep.
What does Mosul victory mean?
Hamburg outrage sends clear message
Modi's red carpet reception in Israel
Giovanni Vimercati
Giovanni Vimercati
Is Europe risking the most in the new Cold War?
A more impoverished Europe is likely if it gives up its political and economic sovereignty in favor of opposing Russia at the U.S.’s behest.
US-Cuba relations: too early to judge
Athens-Moscow: an (un)orthodox alliance?
Merkel dresses down Abe's revisionist tendencies
Jiang Shixue
Globalization is irresistible
A Trump presidential victory and Brexit should not be taken as signs the trend of globalization is receding.
What will Brexit mean for China?
Don't blame China for the Venezuela story
Political changes in Lat-Am not to affect bilateral ties with China
Xu Peixi
The NSA's Orwellian invasion of China
The US spy machine is out of control.
US government lets go of ICANN
Mrs. Obama's visit is a stitch in time
China awakens to its vulnerability to cyber attacks from the US
Yi Xianrong
How big is China's debt risk?
Only by totally abandoning the current growth model of relying on credit investment and the real estate industry, can China's economy get out of the dilemma.
Correctly assessing China's current economic growth
Lower growth target shows new economic priorities
Prospect of RMB depreciation depends on what China’s central bank wants
Fan Jishe
Nuclear security: The end of the beginning
Now that the Nuclear Security Summits are said to have served their purpose, it is time to translate political stances into additional concrete measures and investment in nuclear security.
'Strategic Patience': Failed US North Korea policy
Time to see the big picture of Korean nuke issue
Xi-Obama summit: Shaping the future Sino-US relations
Tylor Claggett
The end of US quantitative easing: What does it mean?
The end of QE3 will have several immediate implications. It also affects China.
Should the US increase its minimum wage?
Mistakes that drove Detroit's decline
Has American democracy lost its way?
Yu Ning
The PBC RRR cut and China's economic transformation
Both the economic data and liquidity figures from recent weeks point to increasing pressures for further and effective easing.
Cooperation on the 'Belt and Road Initiatives'
The deposit insurance system will promote financial reform
PPP model and its impact on APEC
Ember Swift
Subway matchmaking ads reveal marital trends in China
Matchmaking ads in Beijing subways suggest finding a marriage partner is getting more high-tech -- but little has changed.
Possible solutions to rural teachers shortage
Regrets provide a tool for improved learning
China's inevitable path to same-sex marriage
Luo Huaiyu
Xi and Ma's handshake makes history
In terms of symbolism and in a very real sense, the Singapore handshake between Xi Jinping and Ma Ying-jeou is a huge step forward.
The hegemonic bus driver on tenterhooks
The US moral standing in Asia
The harmony of Chinese dreams
Danny Quah
The simple arithmetic of China's growth slowdown
China in 2015 is a very different economy from even just 10 years earlier. China has changed far more than the world has in this time.
Decoding the Middle-Income Trap
China's growth could address imbalance
The UK and the Eurozone in the shifting global economy
Mu Guangzong
Is another baby boom likely in relaxed birth control?
The population issue in China today is more a problem of an imbalanced demographic structure, and a super-low birth rate.
Family policy can succeed only with support
Moving toward the ideal gender ratio
Strategy needed to balance population structure
Zhou Shixin
Aung San Suu Kyi's visit to China
Regardless of which party wins the general election in Myanmar, the future government must attach importance to Myanmar's relations with China as China offers the strongest guarantee of Myanmar's prosperity.
Achieving the FTAAP is the destiny of APEC
The AIIB boosts Asian confidence in connectivity
US arms sales to Vietnam might aggravate tensions
Wei Hongxia
What does the US-Cuba reconciliation mean?
The last vestiges of the Cold War in Latin America have been removed. The U.S. is resetting its relations with its southern neighbors and improving its image among them.
US diplomacy in 2014: Confidence and challenges
The impact of Obama's spring East Asia visit
Action stations
Zhao Jinglun
Obituary: Zhao Jinglun
Veteran journalist, academic and China.org.cn columnist Zhao Jinglun passed away Saturday morning at 5:55am.
The Ukraine crisis - who is responsible?
War is cruelty
World order and regime change
Kensington horror ignites a revolutionary mood
British government in chaos as Corbyn mobilizes youth
British election: Will Corbyn steal the show?
Trump's bizarre budget
Standing together against hate in Manchester
Donald Trump's future China policy trends
Mocking the US election is a severe misjudgment
The Xi-Ma meeting sets historic milestone
'China Threat' not an excuse for US 'Asia-Pacific Pivot'
Common destiny needs stability

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