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Sumantra Maitra
标题图片 Sumantra Maitra (Twitter: @MrMaitra) is a foreign affairs journalist, and research scholar on foreign policy and neo-realism, based in England.
2017 October 18
EU moves closer to China and Russia over Iran
In strange irony, as regards the Iranian nuclear agreement, it is the United States that is being considered by her former allies as the "rogue power," and not Iran.
2017 October 13
US-Israeli withdrawal from UNESCO is a blow to multilateralism
The U.S. and Israeli withdrawal is a deep blow to multilateralism and is another opportunity for others to take on the vacated leadership role.
2017 September 26
Kurdish independence question puzzles international community
Despite the political and strategic concerns, it is about time the Kurdish independence question is discussed further.
2017 September 25
In Trump's UN debut, the old is the new
Many were unhappy with Donald Trump's speech to the United Nations. However, in some ways it showed somewhat more realism than one has come to expect from the man.
2017 September 8
Xiamen declaration paves way for future military-intel cooperation
In what is being considered as an olive branch to India, a declaration was drafted in Xiamen, expressing concern over terrorist groups, and collaboration opportunities.
2017 September 7
Deterrence works both ways
For all the saber-rattling by North Korea and the United States, brinkmanship is not working. It’s time to get back to negotiations.
2017 September 5
What to expect from the German elections
Angela Merkel will likely win another term as German Chancellor, but she’s going to face many problems if that happens.
2017 August 25
Europe is an example of security failures
An ultra-liberal society is fundamentally incapable of dealing with people who are determined to take advantage of the freedom to corrode it from within.
2017 August 22
Bannon, China, and America's return to traditional foreign policy
The departure of Steve Bannon from the Trump administration allows America to stagger back to the more traditional form of international politics and diplomacy.
2017 August 17
Possibility of a brain drain from the West
Gender-obsessed elements in the West are creating conditions for a mass exodus of talent to places not obsessed with the politically-correct concepts of diversity.
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