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Ember Swift
Ember Swift is a Canadian musician and writer who has been living in Beijing since 2008. She lives with her husband, a prominent Chinese musician, and their two small children born in 2012 and 2013 respectively. For more information about Ember Swift and her life and work, please visit: www.emberswift.com
2015 10 29
Possible solutions to rural teachers shortage
To ease the shortage of teachers in China's rural schools, this writer suggests making half-year practical work experience in the countryside compulsory for a university education program graduate.
2015 10 14
Regrets provide a tool for improved learning
Students from East and West have regrets about aspects of college life, and the writer hopes they can form part of the learning process.
2015 07 25
China's inevitable path to same-sex marriage
China will eventually make quiet adjustments to marriage laws and legal rights for same-sex couples, but these changes will not be a result of a public outcry.
2015 03 28
Over-education in China
An obsession with higher education has resulted in many young Chinese facing a tight job market in which they are over-qualified. This requires a total rethink of labor market needs and the link to education.
2015 01 05
What's behind poor passenger behavior?
China needs to implement higher fines for air travel passengers who behave badly in order to curb the culture of entitlement that several recent incidents reflect.
2014 12 01
The road rules of Chinese society
One foreign cyclist's attempt to check Beijing drivers' disregard for traffic rules sparked an online debate.
2014 04 29
Compassion lacking in HK public urination clash
A healthy dose of collective compassion is necessary between the residents of Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland.
2014 04 11
Building collapses in China must be avoided
Recently, another Chinese building collapsed, in Ningbo. A nationwide set of strictly enforced building construction standards and codes is urgently needed.
2013 11 24
The 'guangchangwu' paradox
The way in which ordinary Chinese utilize their public parks reflects creativity. Yet a recent rule on quiet zones in parks may be the beginning of the end.
2013 11 06
The rubber duckie mania
What was it that Chinese people found so compelling about that giant yellow rubber duckie shouting an international message via its painted smile?
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