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Fan Jishe
Dr. Fan Jishe is a research fellow of Institute of American Studies at Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. His current research fields are American Arms Contol, Nonproliferation and Disarmament Policy, Sino-US Security Relations.
2016 01 15
'Strategic Patience': Failed US North Korea policy
A policy based on poor judgment and logic will get nowhere, and an approach that has failed in dealing with North Korea in the past is not going to succeed after the latest test.
2016 01 08
Time to see the big picture of Korean nuke issue
When talking about the Korean nuke issue, people usually focus on specific issues.
2015 09 21
Xi-Obama summit: Shaping the future Sino-US relations
Many people in the United States are worrying about the country's relationship with China after seeing the latter grow strong in recent years.
2015 09 11
China’s military parade: get the message right
From the commentaries articulated by many China watchers immediately before and after the military parade commemorating the WWII victory, we can tell that kind of Western pride and prejudice remain largely unchanged.
2015 05 29
Transparency in military capability and strategic intent
The discussion of transparency is not about how transparent China could be or should be, but about how China's growing military capability is viewed.
2014 11 25
North Korea: Squaring the circle
Is it possible to make sense of the conflicting "hard-soft" messages coming out of North Korea? This writer doubts the world will buy the Pyongyang script.
2014 11 05
Int'l cooperation: A necessity for Afghan stability and prosperity
International assistance to Afghanistan must continue in order for the country to successfully make the three-fold transition to a peaceful and more prosperous society.
2014 03 28
China's nuclear security concept: A balanced and better approach
While the threat of nuclear war is decreasing dramatically, the threat of nuclear terrorism is increasing in real terms.
2013 07 01
President Park's China visit: Promoting better cooperation and coordination?
Economic relations are booming between China and South Korea, but what about security relations?
2013 04 21
Consequence management: Obama's new North Korea policy?
The Obama administration has taken a new pragmatic approach to dealing with the North Korean nuclear issue. Will it likely produce results?
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