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Giovanni Vimercati
Giovanni Vimercati Giovanni Vimercati is a freelance journalist, critic and media analyst. Originally from Italy, he graduated in Film Studies in London and worked as a film critic while managing an independent video store, The Film Shop in Stoke Newington. In 2008 he founded the Celluloid Liberation Front, a multi-use(r) name, an "open reputation" informally adopted and shared by a desiring multitude of insurgent spect-actors. Under this pseudonym he continues to write for established film publications. His lifelong passion for politics found an outlet in China.org.cn where he is now a columnist occasionally also writing about Chinese cinema.
2015 June 11
Is Europe risking the most in the new Cold War?
A more impoverished Europe is likely if it gives up its political and economic sovereignty in favor of opposing Russia at the U.S.’s behest.
2015 May 20
US-Cuba relations: too early to judge
The potential new chapter in the history of U.S.-Cuban relations could herald profound changes for Cuba, but the price that each country will have to pay for "normalization" is still extremely unclear.
2015 April 15
Athens-Moscow: an (un)orthodox alliance?
Tsipras' recent move proves that the current Greek government is determined not to blindly follow the financial orthodoxy of the Troika as it seeks an alternative solution to its devastating economic crisis while remaining within the eurozone.
2015 March 13
Merkel dresses down Abe's revisionist tendencies
During her Japan visit, Angela Merkel didn't spare her host Shinzo Abe a thinly-veiled critique of his revisionist tendencies.
2015 February 15
Ukraine and the start of a new Cold War
In this article, the author takes a wider view of the current Ukraine crisis and sees in the crisis many dangers for America, Europe and Russia.
2014 December 21
Racism in contemporary America
The killing of Michael Brown at the hands of Darren Wilson has once again brought to the fore the tragic relevance of racism in contemporary America.
2014 February 4
E-commerce, the fuel driving China's economy
E-commerce and social media are fueling the passage of China's economy.
2013 July 10
Through a continent, darkly
Despite his fine words, President Obama's recent visit to Africa revealed his desire to curb China's growing economic influence on the continent.
2013 June 28
A touch of sin
"A Touch of Sin" is a minimalist epic of maximum proportions in which Jia Zhangke observes the periphery of humanity to describe its epochal changes.
2013 May 21
Obama administration's Department of Fear
U.S. President Barack Obama excels at the kind of progressive rhetoric that can lure in American voters. All peace talk, less peaceful action.
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