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Luo Huaiyu
Mr. Luo Huaiyu is a lecturer of the School of Humanities and Law, Beijing University of Chemical Technology. He is a PhD candidate of both Macquarie University and Beijing Language and Culture University. He has research interests in critical and cultural studies, fiction and poetry, and translatology. His column focuses on China's governance, social transformation, education, and a range of global issues.
2014 08 17
The hegemonic bus driver on tenterhooks
No one on board the bus of the world is really a free rider, because only through solidarity and cooperation can the bus reach its final destination.
2013 12 03
The US moral standing in Asia
We have changed but America has not. Japan is the fire and the United States has long been supplying the fuel. It is time for the U.S. to reexamine its moral standing in East Asia.
2013 03 23
The harmony of Chinese dreams
The "Chinese Dream" is a dream of hope and a promise worth striving for, a dream dating back a millennium in pursuit of peace and harmony.
2012 11 16
Towards national rejuvenation: is Taiwan ready?
Empathy plays a critical role in cross-Straits relations, and decades of growth signal that reunification may be closer than many predict.
2012 11 12
Strolling panda, leaping kangaroo
Sino-Australian bilateral relations strengthen with dawning of the Asian Century.
2012 07 19
The hypocrisy of democracy?
The US has long pushed its notion of democracy on other countries. But by doing so as aggressively as it has, has it undermined the very concept?
2012 03 12
The Congress is on the March
The current NPC and CPPCC sessions have shown more openness and a maturing political psychology. Yet more time and reform is needed to become a ‘world player’.
2011 12 29
China needs proactive foreign policy for an Asia-focused world
As the world's strategic and economic center of gravity continues to shift to the Asia-Pacific region, focusing on foreign policy goals in Asia makes sense for China.
2011 10 15
China must bridge innovation gap
China must take more steps to build a climate conducive to the spirit of innovation.
2011 10 12
US apology mends its constitutional spirit
U.S. senatorial apology for the country's past discriminatory laws targeting Chinese immigrants marks a progress on the road to liberty and can serve as a guide for the legislature's future decision-making about China.
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