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Yi Xianrong
标题图片 Yi Xianrong is a professor at School of Economics, Qingdao University.
2016 June 7
How big is China's debt risk?
Only by totally abandoning the current growth model of relying on credit investment and the real estate industry, can China's economy get out of the dilemma.
2016 May 12
Correctly assessing China's current economic growth
China's current economic situation is that the downward pressure of GDP growth has eased a bit and the economy has rebounded somewhat while the domestic residential demand is not so satisfying.
2016 March 10
Lower growth target shows new economic priorities
The target range for 2016 allows the government to pursue significant economic reforms and restructuring.
2016 January 28
Prospect of RMB depreciation depends on what China’s central bank wants
From a medium- and-long-term perspective, with China’s economic restructuring improving and China’s giant economic status established, RMB appreciation is still more likely than depreciation.
2016 January 12
Relax, China has the economy under control
Looking forward to 2016, China will remain the engine of the global economy, rather than a source of risks.
2015 December 22
Zero interest rate is unlikely to work in China
Under current circumstances, any further depreciation of the yuan would cause a negative feed-back loop.
2015 November 18
IPO resumptions signal stock market restoration
The IPO resumption indicates that the self-restoration of the stock market is entering a new stage.
2015 August 17
Will RMB exchange rate continue to depreciate?
Big changes in three aspects will put the RMB exchange rate at the risk of depreciation in the second half of the year.
2015 August 1
Pressure mounts for yuan's depreciation in near future
With the imminent rate hike to be announced by the U.S. Federal Reserve, the depreciation of the Chinese yuan in the second half of the year is considered virtually certain.
2015 July 21
A shares to re-embark on surging trends
The Chinese government's strategy in developing the equity market was not changed. The surging trend in the Chinese stock market will continue in the second half of the year.
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