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Zhao Jinglun
Zhao Jinglun (Dec. 31, 1923—Jan. 24, 2015) was a Nieman Fellow, class of 1981. He was the chief opinions writer for The Asian-American Times (NYC) and a columnist for the Hong Kong Economic Journal.
January 8, 2014
A critique of US interventionism
The United States is a hegemon that has intervened all over the world with the aim of achieving world domination.
January 4, 2014
WASPocracy: sorely missed?
American politics has become dysfunctional partly because the Tea Party wing of the Republicans cannot stand the idea that a black man is sitting in the White House.
December 26, 2013
NSA's defenders
There is no evidence showing that NSA surveillance has stopped any terror attack as its defenders have claimed.
December 23, 2013
Who's the irresponsible one here?
U.S. officials and media keep talking about China's "increasing assertiveness." But China's military posturing is purely defensive.
December 20, 2013
Japan's dangerous military ambition
Shinzo Abe's cabinet has adopted a defense policy package to enhance its military strength. It is clearly aimed at China.
December 18, 2013
The US-Russia arms race
The United States and Russia are stockpiling nuclear weapons and are in a race to militarize the Arctic.
December 16, 2013
America's mercenary class
Veteran journalist Bill Moyers wrote on Thursday, "We are this close to losing our democracy to the mercenary class," describing how money buys influence.
December 13, 2013
The Saudis and al-Qaeda
Fifteen of the 19 hijackers who took part in 9/11 were Saudis, and they had a complex relationship with the Saudi government.
December 11, 2013
Shinzo Abe's reckless power grab
A new state secrecy law and a new national security council will push Abe's Japan ahead on the path of remilitarization.
December 6, 2013
Joe Biden's Asia trip
Biden doesn't want the side issue of the ADIZ to U.S.-China relations in general. He recognizes that the U.S. needs to tread more carefully in dealing with a rising China.
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