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Ningxia farmers enjoy free flicks
CNTV, August 29, 2010 Print  E-mail


In the past, people living in the remote villagers of northwest China, rarely got a chance to watch a film. But that situation has changed since the government has dispatched Public Cultural Services to folks in the countryside.

For example, the farmers of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region enjoy films right outside their homes.

A loudspeaker announces that three films will be screened on the village square after eight p.m.. The evening will start with a training film on animal husbandry, and be followed by two regular feature films. Villagers like Ma Cailan are busy preparing the evening meal for her family. But on movie night, they'll eat early.

Ma Cailan, Villagers, Xingfu Village, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, said, "My daughter loves films. When the loudspeaker blared out the announcement, she asked me to cook quickly so we could go to watch film soon."

Ma Cailan also recalled her own childhood, when watching a film was a luxury.

Ma Cailan, said, "There was only one ticket, and my mother would give it to my younger brother, leaving me at home. I cried for a day. I felt like I'd never get to see a movie."

But now Ma Cailan and her fellow villagers can watch two or three films at the square near their home, and they don't even need a ticket. The central and local governments put up one or two hundred yuan to screen one film. During the past five years, 20 million yuan, or nearly 7 million US dollars have been invested by the central and local governments for the farmers across Ningxia to watch films regularly.

Now, farmers across Ningxia not only get to see a movie now and then, but everyday, they can watch more than fifty TV channels right in their homes.


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