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1. Establishing a Representative Office in Yinchuan

Foreign enterprises shall make application to the Yinchuan Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce and submit the following documents:

(1) Application for establishing a representative office signed by the legal representative of the foreign enterprise;

(2) Authorization document signed by the legal representative of the foreign enterprise regarding the establishment of the representative office and the functions thereof;

(3) Credit standing certificate, registration documents (copies) of the foreign enterprise and legal representative certificate (copy);

(4) Approval certificate and business license (copies) of the foreign enterprise;

(5) Authorization letter signed by the legal representative of the foreign enterprise and granted to the proposed legal representative of the proposed representative office; curriculum vitae and corresponding identification documents of the proposed legal representative ;

(6) Other documents as required by laws and regulations; unless stipulated otherwise, all the above documents shall be provided in their originals.

2. Establishing a Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise

The Yinchuan ''One-Stop Service'' Center has a set of application forms available to applicants, requiring the following documentation and procedure:

(1) Investment Plan signed by applicant(s)

(2) Articles of Association

(3) Certificate of credit status issued by banks

(4) Residence or land usage rights certificates

(5) The Response from the Environmental Protection Bureau

(6) Certificates of appointment of the members of the Board

(7) Necessary letters of authorization

(8) Letters of Guarantee (ready format)

(9) Registration forms of legal representatives (ready format)

(10) Application form (ready format)

(11) Certificates of capacity of applicants (business license, photocopies of passport)

(12) Notice on the Preliminary Approval of the Name of the proposed enterprise

Yinchuan ''One-stop Service'' Center

Add: 118 Jinning Beijie, Yinchuan

Post Code: 750001

Tel: 0951-5058363, 5058646, 5058729

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