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Yinchuan was the capital of the Tanguts in the Western Xia Dynasty and is now the capital of Ningxia. It has an area of 9,491 square kilometers and a total population of 1.49 million.



Western Xia Tomb

Yinchuan lies in the middle of the Yinchuan or Ningxia Plain. It is sheltered from the deserts of Mongolia by the high ranges of the Helan range to its west. The Yellow River runs through the area from southwest to northeast. The average elevation of Yinchuan is 1,100 meters. The urban center lies about halfway between the two features.



The city's gross domestic product per capita was 31,436 yuan (US$4,745) in 2008, ranking 197th of 659 Chinese cities. Its main industries are the production of Chinese wolfberry, wheat, apple, and rice.

The city's attractions include the Sand-lake and the Western Xia tombs. There are two pagodas that are part of the 'Eight Famous Scenes of Ningxia': one is the Haibao Pagoda in the northern suburbs and the other Chengtiansi Pagoda in the west.

Since 2000, Yinchuan has hosted the annual Yinchuan International Car and Motorcycle Tourism Festival, usually staged in August. It is the largest event of its kind in China with approximately 3,000 motorcycles.

It is also possible to see parts of the Great Wall near the city.

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