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Yinchuan Economic and Technological Development Zone was approved as a State-level development zone in July 2001. The zone has a developed area of 7.5 square kilometers.

Helanshan Airport of Yinchuan is approximately eight kilometers away from YETDZ. Another airport, Hedong Airport is on the east bank of the Yellow River, 25 kilometers east of the zone.

Yinchuan Railway Station lies six kilometers east to the development zone, 102 kilometers north to the dividing-line station between Lanzhou and Huhhot Railways. The railway from Baotou to Lanzhou runs through the Yinchuan city from north to south, and connects the city with the nation's arterial railways, through which cargo can be conveyed to the nation's major coastal ports and to the Middle East and Europe.

YETDZ consists of two parts. Part 1 occupies an area of 2.26 square kilometers and has primarily established its superiority in industries such as special medicine manufacturing, mechanical and electronic integration and information industry. Part 2 covers 5.24 square kilometers and is to be further divided into four industrial parks, the central part of which is respectively for comprehensive objectives of finance, commerce, agency service and entertainment.

YETDZ is the unique State-level economic and technological development zone in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. There are more than 2,000 enterprises located here. It is designed to develop hi-tech industry and to upgrade traditional industries through the former. It is also aimed at encouraging the development of information industry based on information technology, special pharmaceutical industry based on bioengineering technology, petrochemical industry based on advanced chemical technology, old-economy industries revamped through new technologies, modern banking services that offer various financial products and derivatives, and agency services.

Administration Committee

Address: No. 48 Huanghe East Road, Science and Technology Park, Yinchuan, Ningxia, P.R. China 750002

Tel: 86-951-5058153

Fax: 86-951-5058658


Website: (Chinese)


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