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Ningxia economic overview, January 13, 2011 Print  E-mail

Ningxia’s economy maintained a rapid pace of growth. In 2009, Ningxia’s GDP reached RMB 133.46 billion (11.6% more than 2008) and per capita GDP amounted to RMB 21475.

Ningxia has rich mineral energy and non-metal resources such as coal, gypsum, petroleum, natural gas, potter ' s clay, quartz sandstone, barite etc., with the explored of over 50 kinds.

Ningxia has 9 among 10 famous coal brands around the country. Particularly, the quality of Taixi Coal is very excellent, rivaling the world-renown coal of Vietnam.

Supported by abundant energy and resources, Ningxia has developed large-scaled metallurgical industry.

Ningxia has abundant resources of wheat straw and reed, and cheap industrial chemicals used for papermaking. With the expansion of fast-growing poplars and silkworm bases and the increase of forestry, wood-pulp raw materials will be richer.

New Material Industry It is the most competitive and promising hi-tech industry in Ningxia. Based on the existing new materials and their related industries, Ningxia places emphasis on developing four large-scale distinctive new material industries such as rare metals (tantalum, niobium), magnesium and magnesium alloy, aluminum and aluminum alloy and carbon-based materials.

Ningxia is the most influential cashmere circulation & distribution center and processing & export base in China.

The nationally famous trademark St. Edenweiss has been established and a large number of cashmere processing and export enterprises have well developed, such as the representative Ningxia St. Edenweiss Stock Company, Ningxia Alpha Cashmere Company, Ningxia Master Cashmere, and Ningxia Jiayuan Cashmere Company.


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