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Ningxia has coal, electrical, metallurgical, chemical, and mechanical material industries as well as food processing, textile and paper making capabilities.

The coal industry is one of the pillar industries of Ningxia Province. Backed upon the high quality Taixi Coal, Ningxia has gradually developed several industries, such as the activated charcoal, carbon, electrode paste, silicon carbide, and carburizing agent, etc.

The main mechanical products in Ningxia are machine tools, bearings, hoist cranes, coal mining machinery, electrical machinery, instrument measuring appliances and farm machinery, etc. Ningxia has established the first intellectualized machine tool manufacturing company within the country — The Little Giant Machine Tool Corporation, the first-class steel casting corporation — Ningxia Changcheng Xuqi Casting Co., Ltd and Northwest Bearing Group. All the above-mentioned companies are rather competitive both at home and abroad.

Ningxia has rich TCM resources. Above 50 kinds of TCM herbs are commonly used such as fruit of Chinese wolfberry, licorice root, bitter bean, Chinese ephedrine etc.

Ningxia has formed a distinctive pharmaceutical industry system, including health products of Chinese wolfberry and bitter bean etc.

Ningxia has become one of important bases for producing raw materials of antibiotics due to its dry climate, rich materials, low cost of labor and advanced fermentation technology. Currently, Ningxia can produce hydrochloric acid tetracycline, erythromycin and Vb12.


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