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Ningxia outbound power alleviates power shortage in China, June 21, 2011 Print  E-mail

Ningxia Power Grid transmitted nearly 11 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity, an equivalent to 4 million tons of standard coals, to its outside customers including Shangdong Province and central China's provinces by June 15, according to the power company.

Outbound power saw a 500 percent rise from a year earlier. It has relieved the power shortage in north and central China's power grids, which started from the mid of April due to the increasing demands in power for industrial and agricultural use.

So far, the Ningxia Power Grid has organized multiple cross-region power transfers. Ningxia outbound power transfer is expected to reach a volume of 26 billion kilowatt-hours this year, most of which will be transmitted to Shandong Province. The power shortage in Shandong is thought to hit 3.5-4 gigawatts at the peak load hours of this summer.

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