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Editor's note: Sichuan is a wonderland to tour all year round, but the best time to visit the province may be the period from April to November. Tourists should pay attention to traffic information during the rainy season from April to October, when road damage or obstruction may occur after heavy rain. As the weather in Sichuan can be complicated, tourists are also advised to check weather forecasts beforehand when traveling in the province.

Here, has compiled some of the best tourist attractions to visit in Sichuan in four different seasons--spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Jianmen Pass
Best time to visit:
March to October
Jianmen Pass, a mountain pass located southwest of Guangyuan City, Sichuan Province, is famous not only for the beauty of its steep slopes, but for its strategic importance in ancient times. As the traditional Chinese saying goes, "If one man guards the pass, ten thousand are unable to get through". Jianmen Pass is one of the most important gateways to Sichuan. Several famous battles in the Three Kingdoms period (Wei, Shu and Wu, AD 220-280) happened there, making it a well-known tourist attraction, with characteristics of the Han and Three Kingdoms period culture. [Photo/]

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