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By Liu Xuanchen
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Spicy Tofu


Spicy Tofu, known as "Mapo Doufu" in Chinese, is a well-known Sichuan dish in China. This dish is characterized by a super-spicy, numbing and peppery flavor. You will feel your tongue burning up once you sample the first bite. For those who can not eat spicy food, you’re really missing out on this flavor!

Hot-spicy dip


Hot-spicy dip, called "malatang" in Chinese, expresses Sichuan’s cooking culture well. Malatang stalls are seen on every corner in China. The reason people like malatang is personalization because you can select whatever vegetables, meat and sauce you like! Malatang is also treated as one of the healthiest fast-foods in China.

Bon Bon Chicken


Bon Bon Chicken is made of boneless chicken with heavy seasoning. Bon Bon Chicken originated from Hanyang county, Sichuan province, and has spread all over China. The chicken meat should be tender and rich. The delicious dish is topped with a secret, spicy and peppery sauce.

Dandan Noodle dish


The Dandan Noodle dish , known as Sichuan noodles with peppery sauce, has a long history that can be traced back to the Qing Dynasty. Legend has it the dish gets its name from a vendor named Chen Baobao, who always carried a shoulder pole containing the home-made noodles, which he peddled on foot. Dandan Noodles have a smooth taste and can be digested easily, which is why they are adored by lots of Chinese people today.

Clear noodles in chili sauce


The cooking process of clear noodles in chili sauce is complicated. However, a single bite of this dish makes the hard work worth it! The high-quality peas used in the meal are soaked, rinsed and ground to a pulp, and the perfect soya flour is made through the process of precipitation dehydration. Add various seasonings depending on your personal taste, and the delicacy is ready to go!

Pork lungs in chili sauce


This dish, called pork lungs in chili sauce, is actually made from ingredients including beef heart, beef tripe, beef tongue and…beef. The meat and sauces are chosen carefully so that this authentic Sichuan snack can be cooked successfully.

Luzhou yellow rice cake


Luzhou yellow rice cake is a famous Sichuan dessert made of local, fine sticky rice, brown sugar and galanga. Its unique taste has been passed down and preserved well as luzhou yellow rice cake remains one of Sichuan people’s favorite snacks.

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